PoliticsTrump moved to Apex Court with an appeal of ruling over US-Mexico...

    Trump moved to Apex Court with an appeal of ruling over US-Mexico border funds

    Amidst the US Presidential election 2020, the US Supreme Court is ready to hear Trump’s appeal of ruling against the diversion of military funds towards border wall building. Trump administration back in 2019, had overstepped his constitutional powers for building a wall on US-Mexico border claiming of a threat to national security. Now, the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case on the request of Trump’s aide and legal team.

    The matter is sub Judice in the US Supreme Court now and from here on it is a matter of concern for the US President whether the verdict will be in his favour or the Court will find him guilty of misusing his power. Trump has not only challenged Congress but also cut the military expenditure to shift a huge amount for wall building or we can say for the demarcation of the US-Mexico border.

    Congress denied providing funds for Trump’s project

    Trump administration has appealed to the higher court as a challenge to the lower court’s decision where they said that the decision has lacked proper authority to transfer and shift such a huge amount from military expenditure bank to ambitious border project. Trump administration claimed that the so-called Appropriation Clause of the US law was formatted in such a way that it grants exclusive power of the purse or budget to Congress.

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    Now, let’s understand what was the US-Mexico border issue

    Background of the US-Mexico border issue

    It started with the arrival of Donald Trump in power in 2016. Border wall construction was the key agenda than in 2016. Trump believes that the migration from neighbouring states is a major problem for the US as it promotes the unemployment of indigenous American people and also a big blow to national security. Interestingly, Trump again stuck with his earlier manifesto of border wall construction in US election 2020.

    Why Trump wants that border so eagerly?

    The US President has articulated many points in response to the criticism for building the US-Mexico border to block the passage of migrants. He said that this will not only lead to stop drug-trafficking in the Southern states but also curb the issue of illegal immigration. He believes that in this way, national security can be maintained with ease and with low spending on military projects.

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    Redirected military expenditure for the border wall

    But at that time, Trump got no chill as the US Congress has denied to provide him with a huge amount of $2.5 billion for his ambitious project. Trump in response, redirected $2.5 billion amount from counter-narcotics programs of Military for construction of US-Mexico border covering three states New Mexico, Arizona and California. The redirecting of military expenditure has hurt many sentiments in the US.

    The groups claimed the project as the disruption for the environment

    A group which advocates the border areas people and their living standards named The Southern Border Communities Coalition to join hands with The Sierra Club environmental group and sued to block the US President’s action. They claimed that this measure adopted by the US President for blocking the border would have a disruptive impact over the environment as well as the living standard of people living in border areas.

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    The group claimed that the President’s move could worsen the flooding problem to such an extent that it can destroy some of the Southern states living as well could destroy the flora and fauna.

    What Lower Court directed to Trump administration?

    The Lower court or the US district court has given the verdict in favour of the petitioner group. The Californian Court has said that Trump’s administration programme for border wall construction at the US-Mexico border was unlawful. The Court has also ordered to halt the injunction and block the transfer of funds for construction.

    Now, Republican President Donald Trump has moved to the US Supreme Court where the Conservative majority is more. Recently, after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett as her replacement. In such a case, Trump may expect that the Court’s decision would allow him to complete his ambitious project and the blockade over the transfer of funds can be uplifted.

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