PoliticsTrump Jr. implants Biden in China's lap to gain Indian fraternity for...

    Trump Jr. implants Biden in China’s lap to gain Indian fraternity for his dad

    President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Trump Jr has alleged that Biden family is not good for Indian Americans. Trump Jr, was speaking at his book launch event in Long Island, New York. He accused Biden of his allegiance with China which is India’s biggest rival in Asia.

    The 42-year old is leading his father’s campaign for reelection bid on November 3. His efforts can be seen to gain the support of the significant Indian community in America. The community is rich and educated and is seen as an important political force.

    Trump Jr.’s book, Liberal Privilege discusses at length about corruption in Biden’s family, particularly his younger son Hunter Biden. He cited New York Post’s report against Hunter which stirred controversy last week.

    Allegations against Biden’s China link

    Trump Jr told that China is a big threat and no one knows it better than Indian-Americans. He said that Biden takes favour from Chinese and he will be soft to the communist country.

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    He accused that China has given $1.5 billion to Hunter Biden because they know they can buy Bidens. He further alleged that Bidens are in compromising position for Russia and Ukraine as well. Trump’s son sought to projected Biden as a weak leader against foreign rivals.

    Trump Jr. highlighted New York Post’s story which was hyped by Republicans last week. The story alleged Hunter Biden and his father for colluding with Ukraine to interfere US presidential election 2016. Most of the evidence behind the story is inauthentic and allegations insubstantial. Social media giants have removed the article from their platforms.

    Liberal Privilege

    Trump Jr.’s book, Liberal Privilege is sharp documentation of corrupt practices of Biden and his family. The timely launch of the book can tarnish the image of the Democratic presidential candidate.

    Joe Biden has refuted the arguments against his family from the book. Staging personal attacks on Biden has been a prime strategy of the Trump campaign since the beginning.

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    Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump’s campaign fundraiser, was also present at the book launch event. It was attended by a good number of Indian Americans.

    Trump’s bonding with Indian Americans

    Trump Jr. expressed his strong personal bonding with the Indian community. He claimed to have a good understanding of them. He praised the community for their hard work, education and family values.

    He highlighted his father’s close ties with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both the leaders are known for their far-right approach. They share a similar method of administration. Narendra Modi was given grand welcome in Houston really in 2019, popularly known as Howdy Modi. The event was attended by a large number of Indian Americans.

    Indian Prime Minister reciprocated with an equally grand reception of Donald Trump this year in Ahmedabad. Trump Jr. recalled the enthusiasm of Ahmedabad address. He said that he has never seen such a wonderful reception of any American president in India.

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    Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee co-chairman, Al Mason also said that the respect given by Trump to an Indian Prime Minister is unmatched in history.

    Competing stimulus for the community

    While the Trump campaign is trying to lure Indian Americans, who are known for their political acumen and are potential donors, there are competing stimulus for the community.

    The community is eager to see the first Indian origin woman, Kamala Harris as the Democratic Vice President. They have also drifted away from Trump due to his anti-immigrant stand and racial discrimination.

    Moreover, the allegations against Biden are unsubstantiated. The politically active community understands the superficial nature of allegations. Also, the new generation of Indian Americans shows a slightly Democratic-leaning, breaking away from their conservative forefathers.

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