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    Trump and Biden to give the last touch to their long-held campaigns in Florida

    The US presidential election campaign is in its final stretch. Both Trump and Biden are giving the last touch to their efforts to cement votes in their favour. Their attempts are more pronounced in Trump’s home state Florida. Trump can not register presidential victory without taking the state into his fold

    Trump and Biden will visit the western side of the state’s interstate 4 corridor in Tampa. This is a highly dynamic area where Republicans and Democrats give a tight competition to each other. The area is densely populated with remarkable residential growth.

    Both presidential candidates are appealing voters to turn out in large numbers on the Election day. Democratic candidate, Joe Biden closed his arguments with Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump continues with the claim that the United States has defeated the virus.

    Appeal to vote in-person voting on Nov. 3

    Nearly 73 million people have voted during the early voting period in the United States. Experts have predicted the total number of votes to be above 150 million. Early voting is mainly done through mail-in ballots.

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    A large number of people will vote in-person on November 3. The general trend is that the Republicans dominate the Election Day with in-person votes. Democrats, on the other hand, lead the mail-in ballots in the early period. This time also Democrats have maintained a significant lead until now.

    A lot is on the stake for Republicans on the Election Day. Trump has himself discredited the mail-in ballot voting system. It is not certain what proportion of Republican supporters will turn out on November 3, given the pandemic threat.

    In the 2016 elections, four counties in Florida shifted from Obama to Donald Trump. In two of these counties, Hillsborough County and Pinellas Country, Democrats have outvoted Republicans by a margin of 53,000 and 30,000 votes respectively this year. Tampa is situated in Hillsborough County.

    Republicans do have a slight advantage with in-person voting in both counties. But they require great efforts to match and excel the Democrats early voting lead in the state.

    Trump’s last-minute plans

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    Trump campaign boasted of poll flushing, an exercise that involves assembling of a large amount of data from the ground and analysing it to design further poll activities. They are planning to prepare a list of voters who haven’t voted yet. The campaign will reach out these voters and persuade them to vote for Republicans on the Election Day.

    The data around potential Trump voters will be harnessed by the Republican National Committee to get Trump supporters to vote on the final day of the election. The committee has more than 3,000 field workers and around two and a half million volunteers who will aid the process.

    Republican spokesperson Mandi Merritt asserted that the party will build on its historical voters reach endeavours. Republicans are preparing to knock 4.5 million doors and call 15 million Trump supporters to make sure they don’t miss out the chance to vote for President Donald Trump.

    Trump campaign is facing a financial crunch. Democrats have outspent them by a ratio of 3 to 1 in Florida. The Republicans are trying to compensate the trail in advertising through the media coverage of Trump’s rally by local media houses. It will ensure the targeted delivery of messages in rural and suburban areas at low cost.

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    What is Biden doing?

    Joe Biden has narrowed down his attacks on Trump to the handling of coronavirus pandemic, diminishing all other issues to a secondary status. He promised if he will be voted to power, he will start doing the right things in this direction from his first day. He said he knows that it will be difficult to fight the pandemic but he will try his best.

    Biden will have a joint rally with former President Barack Obama in Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin on Saturday. Trump won these states handily in the 2016 presidential elections. Amid concerns over submission deadlines and Postal Service backlogs, Biden is also urging his voters to go and vote in person if they have not yet returned their mail-in ballots

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
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