NewsUSA and CanadaThe Virus's revenge for being taken lightly may cost Trump dearly

    The Virus’s revenge for being taken lightly may cost Trump dearly

    The SARS-CoV-2 infection has capped the series of difficulties Trump is facing to prove his mettle in the 2020 US presidential election. With just 32 days left in the election, a cloud of uncertainty hovers over Trump’s political career. Trump is already trailing behind Biden on account of racial discrimination, mishandling of pandemic and other things.

    The disease has cut short his chances to blow final strike to his extensive campaign. Trump will be forced to stay indoors at a time when Biden has finally decided to go for a person to person campaigning. Trump is trailing behind even in critical states Ohio and Texas, which he easily cleared in 2016 elections.

    President’s aides are deliberating to devise methods through which he can communicate to voters. The idea is to give an expression that Trump is still in charge of affairs. Scope of any such attempt by Republicans is limited.

    Trump’s own narrative: health matters in politics

    Trump has been quite persistent in framing his 77-year-old rival as unfit and unhealthy to lead the United States. As irony takes different forms, just three years younger than Biden, Trump is facing serious health threat ahead of elections. Such a situation is unseen in American political history.

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    In the first presidential debate this year, Trump mocked Joe Biden for wearing the biggest mask he has ever seen. Trump made contemptuous remarks against Biden’s age and health. He boasted about himself that he doesn’t wear a mask. And see how it unfolded on him.

    Trump is not the only leader who got infected with the virus. Leading European heads like Borris Johnson and Angela Merkel also recover to reign back to power. Trump is older than these leaders and therefore at a higher risk. Unlike them, Trump has caught the infection in the run-up to the election.

    Trump is the lone engine of his growth

    Trump is a self-styled politician who rose to power unexpectedly. The prominent real estate developer and The Apprentice host has developed a brand of his own. He is known for his dominating behaviour and outspoken nature. Trump’s charisma has earned him a loyal, and to an extent, unwavering support base in the United States.

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    Trump’s campaign is all about Trump. No issue and no debate is as domineering as his brand image. His biggest strength is his ability to face the crowd, address it and move it to action. The viral infection has snatched away from him the opportunity he so much craves for.

    Trump’s campaign is nothing without him. His fans must be curiously waiting to see their stars next move!

    A bad year for Trump makes things worse for him

    The year 2020 started with an attempt to impeach Trump, followed by an economic rivalry with China. There have been threads of racial discrimination recently. Trump is still hesitant to condemn White supremacy accruing to political ideology and voter base. The death of Justice Ginsburg has evoked other round of turbulence as he pushed conservative Barrett as Supreme Court nominee.

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    The greatest blow, however, is the pandemic that has made Trump largely unpopular. This has been a tumultuous year for him. His viral infection has just capped on his difficulties. All the issues of this year are going to have a direct bearing on election results.

    What lies ahead in the season of campaigns?

    Two more presidential debates are slated against the Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The fate of those debates is uncertain as the President is now COVID 19 positive. It is most likely that those debates will be cancelled. Even if they happen, they will take an entirely different form.

    Audience lover Trump might lose a chance to showdown his rival candidate, Biden, who has now resorted to in-person campaigning after being pressurised from Democrats. This leaves Trump with a wait and watch game. Think out a plan Republicans. It is high time!

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