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    The Virus hasn’t spared nation heads, Trump falls prey along with First Lady

    The virus hasn’t spared those on highest ranks. After months of outright defiance, President Trump and the First Lady caught the ire of coronavirus. His physician, Sean Conley confirmed that Donald Trump and Melania Trump had tested positive to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The doctor has, however, assured that the President and First Lady are well and they will stay at home.

    Trump has caught the infection from his senior aide, Hope Hicks, with whom he has travelled several times this week. Trump has detected positive just weeks before the Presidential election when his campaigning is at its peak. President is being given the best care and he will improve but will it give Joe Biden an edge over him. Ironically, Biden has finally decided to go for door to door campaign. Till now he resisted and blamed Trump for violating pandemic protocols.

    The threat was already looming large on White House

    The virus attacked White House in early March itself. Three persons from Brazilian delegation who shared proximity with President at his Florida house tested positive.

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    Testing and safety protocols were ramped up in the Houe. Everyone who came in contact with the president was tested. Temperature checks were mandated before entering the White House. These protocols were eventually diluted and the virus spread its wings in the House again.

    One of the President’s personal valets tested positive on May 7. Press Secretary of Vice President Mike Pence was diagnosed positive the very next day. Safety protocols we’re again ramped up. Wearing mask was mandated in the White House. But SARS-CoV-2 kept spreading in the month of June. Preparations for Tulsa rally made things worse as campaigners were infected with the deadly virus.

    At the outset of July, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Trump’s eldest son was tested positive. Kimberly is a Fox News personality who assists Trump in his campaigns. She had been in touch with several officials. Robert O’Brien, Trump’s national security adviser joined the fray same month.

    Trump’s persistent defiance

    Even though the threat has been looming in the White House, Trump never took serious note of it. He downplayed the virus in his campaign speeches.

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    Trump even urged his governors to open up states in order to revive the dwindling economy. Trump believed that virus was contained in the United States even as it claimed over 200,000 lives across the nation.

    In the first presidential debate this year, Trump mocked Joe Biden for wearing the biggest mask he has ever seen. After testing positive on Friday, he said he never felt he was vulnerable to it.

    “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!” Trump tweeted.

    The president is not the only one, he is one among

    Trump is next in the list of nation heads who were attacked by the deadly virus. British Prime Minister, Borris Johnson had to spend a week in hospital after he tested positive. Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada resorted to working from home because his wife was diagnosed with the viral infection. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel also had to go through isolation after receiving medication from a doctor who tested positive.

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    If Trump gets seriously ill…

    Trump’s physician has already clarified that Trump is well and he will handle affairs while remaining in quarantine at home. But in case he is unable to discharge his duties, the American Constitution has clearly laid down provisions.

    25th Amendment allows Trump to declare himself unable to discharge duties. He will have to give a written note to Senate President, Chuck Grassley and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Mike Pence will assume office thereafter on behalf of Trump.

    Mike Pence can also declare President unfit to immediately assume office. This, however, can be challenged by a contrary written declaration by President

    America is already facing a severe crunch in face of hundreds of thousands of deaths. This health threat to its nation head puts it in grief. For Trump, the challenge is twofold. He will have to ensure a quick recovery and at the same time, race up to catch the leading presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

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