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    Proud Boys are Trump’s army, he going to use them if he loses to Biden said, Cohen

    US first Presidential debate of 2020 between Trump and Biden is over. If you seriously want to know who is the winner of this debate to show its supremacy over others, then of course with false facts, over-aggression and chaotic will, Republican master Donald Trump may appear to win it. But if you consider maturity, concern for the US and answering ability with accountability, the night belongs to Democrat Joe Biden. Some also believe that at the end, the US loses in the intimate Presidential debate.

    Some Americans would not deny the fact that the first Presidential debate is not so ‘Presidential debate’ but the saga of mockery, allegations and chaotic denials. After the debate, the US political arena is discussing President Donald Trump statement on the violent group Proud Boys when asked about his stand on White supremacy. Trump called Proud Boys to ‘stand down and stand by.’ Stand down and stand by- what does it mean and what are the intentions of US President to call a racial and violent right-wing group to stand by before election?

    Idealistic war is never over

    Now, If you want to know why Trump says this kind of stuff to Proud Boys, you need to get aware of who these groups are and what are the idealistic approach and activities they have been performing since its formation in 2016. You will also get to know Why Proud Boys group leader actively supported Trump’s stand and policies after Presidential debate on Tuesday?

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    The idealistic war of Left and right-wing is not new for the US. The Proud Boys are one such group who is an extreme-right and the anti-immigrant group which battles with violence for the greatness of US. They are pure carnage for the left-wing Antifa group and the left ideology. Since Trump came in power, the violence led by Proud Boys group reaching its zenith. The Proud Boys group often beat their rival on the streets create ruckus and challenge law and order.

    Proud Boys response to Trump’s statement

    Trump on Tuesday said during Presidential debate to stand down and stand by and let law enforcement should perform their duty. Now, the Proud Boys mouthpiece and the group’s current chairman reacted over that. He said in another discussion- Standing by sir… and I will stand down sir!!

    But on the other hand, the Canadian-British right-wing activist and the founder of Proud Boys Gavin Mcinnes said in a video reacting on Trump’s statement that ”I control the Proud Boys, Donald. Do not stand down and do not stand back boys.” What does it mean? Whether Mcinnes want to say Republican President you are not the controller, I control the group. And why would he say that to a President of US?

    Trump believes that Proud Boys are his army!

    Nobody knows, except Michael Cohen former advisor Michael Cohen as he claims that in Trump’s mind, Proud Boys is his army. Cohen during an interview on CNN said that Trump is all doing this with a purpose as you need to know who this army is.” He calls them army as they dressed like that with their appearance in black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirts. And they along with red “Make America Great Again” hats which is similar to Trump’s idea of restructuring the US into a new and great nation.

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    Cohen told CNN that ”Ín this way Trump is supposing them as his army with the same ideological approach. And then he may use them if he loses the election to create ruckus all around.” When Wallace asked Trump to react on white supremacist and militia group, he reacted, ”Proud Boys stand down and stand by.” But about the extreme-left activists, Somebody’s got to do something about left-wing activists and Antifa he added. because this is not the problem of right-wing activists.

    Antifa is not an organisation, it’s an idea said, Biden

    At the same time when Democrat candidate and former vice-President of US Joe Biden was asked the same, he responded ”Antifa is not a violent organisation like Proud Boys, it is an idea.”

    Now, the whole discussion is circumferenced around the relations and connective terms between Proud Boys and US President Donald Trump. There are a lot of similarities between the group and Trump’s approach. Here are a few of them…

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    1. Idea of ‘Make America great again’:-

    The idea and approach of ‘Make America great again’, is the hyper-nationalist theory adopted by both the right-wing group ‘Proud Boys’ and US President Donald Trump. Trump’s election manifesto and his policies during his administration are governed as a nationalist administrator. This is the major similarity between the far-right wing group and Trump.

    2. Glorify the entrepreneur:-

    Trumpians idea of glorifying the entrepreneur or we can say encouragement of local businesses is very similar to the Proud Boy’s approach of America for Americans. The close border policy of Trump’s administration fits the working principle of Proud Boys.

    3. Libertarianism:-

    The end of social welfare and the class divide were to give everyone a gun to protect himself and fight for his self is one of the key agendas of Proud Boys. Trump believes this strategy in Making of America to achieve what it was. But, in reality, it is nothing but the feeling of Romanticism to fool people.

    These are some of the principles and the similarities over which both Trump and Proud Boys appear to be on the same page. And if the election results are not in favour of Republicans, the Proud Boys as said by Cohen may act as a catalyst in creating a violent situation in the US thereafter.

    Richard Ferdinand
    Richard Ferdinand
    Richard Ferdinand is an aspiring Journalist, Explorer, Adventure Loving and Blogger. You can contact him via [email protected]



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