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    Presidential debate: Trump vs Biden, the test of better vision for guardianship of US

    Just a few days before US election 2020, the US is going to witness first Presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on September 29 at Cleveland. All eye set on the Trump vs Biden first-ever official debate for being the guardian of the world’s strongest nation. The coronavirus epidemic and its impact over the US changed the structure and pattern of the debate.

    The US presidential election 2020 is between two biggest faces of their respective parties one from the conservative Trump and other liberal Biden who called himself socialist. Their approaches to connect with Americans, their principle agendas and their priorities or we can say election manifestos will be tested in polls on November 3, i.e. the voting day. It will be clear that which face and which principality suits the US. The debate is one such exposure that which candidate has a very better vision for the US?

    The rules and regulations of the US Presidential debate during the pandemic era has been changed. There will be a certain time limit for both candidates. The anchor of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace is going to moderate the 90-minute Presidential debate between Trump and Biden in 6 different sessions. The sessions are Trumps and Biden records, The Supreme Court, CoviD19, The US economy, race and violence in the cities and the integrity of the election reported The Washington Post.

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    Reports depicting that while Biden is preparing hard for the Presidential debate, Trump on the other hand is relaxed and not laying more emphasis over this. The ‘master of deflection’ and the ‘king of chaos’ as said by Cohen for Trump, is looking forward to handling the intensity of Biden with his tenure experience in debate. According to media reports like The Washington Post and CNN, Trump has formulated a plan to target Biden’s family which will enhance his anguish and may lead to driving out some crazy kinds of stuff.

    Let’s discuss every single session topic one by one over which they both going to battle in the presidential debate on September 29 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

    1. Trump and Biden records

    The very first session will be the introduction phase. The phase in which the general introduction of both the candidate’s life will be shared and discussed. The session will generate records of assets and liabilities of both the candidates, their criminal records if any, their political records and their exemplary work for which they are known for.

    2. The Supreme Court

    The second session will be based on the Apex court. The debates over Supreme Court proceedings, the nomination of judges and the factors affecting the nomination of judges will be discussed. This session may also include the latest discussion over the nomination of replacement of Liberal Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her death. Trump intended to nominate Amy Coney Barrett on the chair. He will be succeeded in his motive as Democrats have no such power in Senate. On the other hand, GOP is all in favour of supporting Trump’s pick.

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    3. CoviD19

    The US Presidential debate will be heated over this topic when Joe Biden going to target Trump over his preparedness and strategy to tackle the pandemic. The US is worse hit by this coronavirus pandemic. The Super Power nation has failed to regulate the coronavirus cases and even deaths in the US are highest of all. More than 200,000 lost their lives due to this deadly virus. Biden appears to make points over Trump in this session.

    4. The US economy

    During the Coronavirus pandemic era, the US economy is one among the top-ranked worse hit economies. The virus and the complete shutdown to prevent lives not only affected manufacturing and services but also affected the living standards. Democratic candidate Joe Biden may give tremendous facts and figures showing disintegration of US economy which may trouble Trump

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    5. Race and violence in the cities

    The latest and burning cases of rights of blacks in the USA will be the at the core of US presidential debate. The murder of George Floyd had raised the sentiments of black lives matter in the US. Trump’s attitude towards blacks in the US is not that welcoming. Biden here again appears to make points over Trump by his classic move to name Kamala Harris a black Indo-African American as his vice-President aide.

    6. Integrity of the election

    The last and the flamboyant session of US presidential debate. Trump is not in the favour of voting through the ballot and deliberately depicting it as fraud voting. Trump had twice said that he is not going to allow a peaceful transition of power if he loses to Biden that means he is not believing the fact of a free and fair election. His statement or we can say tactics of setting narratives according to Cohen, is just deflection as he sensed his loss is some of the polls and surveys.

    Now, everyone is delighted to witness the first intense US Presidential election between an extremist conservative and liberal.

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