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    Pence vs Harris: the race of successors to be at the helm of all affairs in US election

    Democrat vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris and her Republican rival Mike Pence has though maintained the decorum of the debate but the push and the intensity of articulating their vision for better US is not so effective. US vice-president Mike Pence looks so defensive in the debate. He not only acted as a good back up for Trump but also his mature approach of praising Harris for her political achievements and at the same time attacking her for her approach to run the administration if elected, exposed that Pence has had his preparation.

    Pence have taken lead in the maiden session

    The first session of debate between Pence and Harris was on the coronavirus epidemic. The rise in numbers once again in the US, the total number of deaths due to the loose administrative control of the Trump government, President’s concern to cope up with the situation and the conditions of healthcare and hospitalities during the pandemic are some of the highlights over which Harris argued with pence.

    Harris insulting corona warriors said, Pence

    However, the point she wants to makeover Pence via criticizing Trump has not been proved that much effective as vice-president Pence is prepared for the reply. He said- Biden-Harris have no such bold steps and clear roadmap to tackle with the virus. They just focussing over the vaccine, on which Trump administration have been working rapidly. Pence said- Harris is insulting the corona warriors who have been working on risk to make the country safe. Healthcare workers would be upset with Harris allegations.

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    Climate change and new environment policy

    Moving on to the debate over climate and environment, both the candidate lacked the depth and the clarity over how they will handle the climatic change and formulation of environmental policy. They have had a heated debate on carbon-cut and US new Green Policy. Mike Pence gave a data showing how Trump administration has effectively managed carbon emission and it has seen a deep fall.

    While Harris as a liberal side put forward her plan over carbon cut by following a guideline of Green policy. Pence said it not only hurt but will crush the American energy efficiency. By signing on such a convention for carbon-cut is a total loss for America where indigenous people have been searching for opportunities. Pence put forward his conservative approach followed by Republicans, i.e. America first and American first.

    Pence cautious stand on systematic racism

    The next big session of the debate was on systematic racism. People were eager to listen to Pence over the racism after Trump has already messed up things in the first Presidential debate while talking about Proud Boys. Pence was aware of the fact that he is sitting on the debate with a black representing lady. And if interrupt her with the fierce attack, it will have a negative impact over their campaign.

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    Pence, however, have the same stand on the white supremacy and never went on to speak over violence interrupted in various cities of the US due to racism. Unlike Trump, he did not have mentioned the names of any groups. He tried to escape over this topic by only saying- ”Trump administration has full faith in the judicial system and is trying to maintain law and order in the country.”

    Future of Pence and Harris after Trump-Biden

    The next segment of the debate was on the future of both the vice-presidential candidate. As the US is going to have the oldest President in its history this time, either it will be Trump who is 74 or it will be Joe Biden who is 78. In that case, the vice-president role and responsibilities increase. While Kamala Harris tried to project that if Biden moves out of the political arena, then she will be there with a standard approach to lead the country. On the other hand, Pence depicted himself as the successor of Trump, if he will not be holding the office.

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    Harris possesses a distinct identity

    On that note, Kamala Harris will be the leading lady after Joe Biden. As a Democrat, she has projected herself as the Presidential candidate earlier. Democrats or we can say Biden and Harris are aware of the fact and factors that Harris is a black representative. She has a distinct identity of Indian as well as African paternal genes and American citizenship. Barack Obama as the Democrat President acts as the US President for two times and proved an eminent figure.

    Harris charm and her gratitude have played a significant role in putting Democrats before Republicans. Biden is leading from Trump by more than 16 per cent in a poll done by CNN. Almost every single poll showing the same figure where Trump appears to lost his position and Biden taking lead as the next US President.

    The vice-Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris ended up with a debate over their future coronation. Both are back at work now and in the final innings, just focussed over the campaign strategy to post the poll first.

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