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    Obama will hit the last hammer on the nail with his in-person campaign for Biden in Philadelphia

    The former US vice president and a powerful orator, Barack Obama is set to give a final push to Biden’s presidential campaign. Obama will hit in-person campaigning for his Democratic counterpart in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Obama has played his part in Biden’s campaign through virtual platforms. Now, he will land among the crowd to generate votes for Biden.

    Obama delivered Clinton’s closing arguments at Independence Mall just a day before the 2016 presidential election. Obama is known for his credentials among Black voters. He is a powerful mobiliser of crowds and one of the strongest cards in Democrats’ kitty.

    His campaign on Wednesday will be challenging because of the restricted format of the rally. It is going to be a drive-in rally, where Obama won’t get a stage and a direct address to the public.

    Format of the Philadelphia rally

    The crowd will be limited in the Philadelphia rally. It is a drive-in rally, where Democratic supporters will be lined up in their moving cars. They will hear Obama’s address through the radio sets installed in their vehicle. The format is safe but it might lack the vigour and enthusiasm of a direct stage address.

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    Democrats have been quite susceptible and safe in their approach all through their campaign. Their events stand in stark contrast to the reckless and defiant Republican campaign. Democrats went for socially distanced events with best safety protocols.

    Many people fear that the strong oratory skills of Obama and his pulling factor might be overshadowed by the format. The rally may not break the monotony of supporters as it will lack enthusiasm.

    Significance of the rally

    The rally is of great significance because Obama and Biden have worked together in White House for years. They have an amicable understanding of each other. Obama’s personal bond with Biden will lead him to make a strong appeal for Biden.

    The site of the rally itself holds significance. Obama has a solidly casted image of a standard politician in Philadelphia. The state of Pennsylvania is very critical in the election race. Trump is making all efforts to win the state. If he fails to register a victory here, his chances for reelection will become grim. Biden has already visited the state several times and now Obama will hit the last hammer on the nail.

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    Philadelphia’s Mayor, Michael Nutter said that Obama’s visit will remind voters of how a President looks like and behaves. He is confident that the voters who didn’t vote in 2016 and voters who turned to Trump will vote for Biden this time.

    Obama’s non-conventional appeal

    Obama understood the demand of time and adapted himself to non-conventional modes of appeal to earn votes for Biden, especially among the young and Black population.

    Obama took to Twitch, the video gaming platform to appeal to young voters in America. He recorded a video for a Black operated Instagram page, Shade Room. Obama also delivered registered messages on Snapchat

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    Obama is using available options in the pandemic to full advantage. He is reaching out to targeted groups with his messages. Recently, he was featured in podcasts run by his former aides. Biden showed his content over Obama’s endeavours. He said that Obama has done enough for the campaign.

    Obama, the fundraiser

    Barack Obama is considered a grassroot level fundraiser. He, along with Biden has earned the party around $7.6 million.

    Obama showed in with vice presidential Democratic candidate, Kamala Harris in a couple of virtual rallies. He appealed for funds. Obama also let his name used in emails and text messages meant for fundraising.

    Obama was involved in raising funds for House Democrats. He got featured in ads for party’s leading candidates like Sara Gideon and Gary Peters. Barack Obama got filmed for Democratic National Committee, requesting voters to plan for casting ballots.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]



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