PoliticsObama raised alarm against Trump in Philadelphia; said Biden is a safe...

    Obama raised alarm against Trump in Philadelphia; said Biden is a safe hand for the US

    Former US President, Barack Obama launched a slurry of scurrilous attacks on Donald Trump in his Philadelphia rally on Wednesday, while he was campaigning for the Biden-Harris pair. Obama’s line of attacks ranged from the mismanagement of coronavirus pandemic to Trump’s business interests in China.

    Obama’s diatribe is not usual. Former Presidents generally don’t engage in such sharp attacks on their successors. He is known for steering the Democratic campaign in the last moments. He kept his tempo high against Trump to meet Democrats’ expectations.

    Obama exuded confidence in Biden-Harris duo’s potentials in chalking out and implementing a plan for the coronavirus and the economy. He expressed his hopelessness with the Trump administration, which according to him didn’t have a plan to lead the nation through the crisis it is facing.

    Obama’s scurrilous attacks on Trump

    With Lincoln Financial field in his background and the setting sun, Obama filled the air with political acrimony. He said that the nation can not afford another four years with the Trump administration.

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    Obama said that Trump is not capable of taking basic steps to prevent himself. He highlighted the pitiable condition of the White House under the virus attack. How can one expect him to save the United States? He pointed out that just making tweets on Television is not enough to solve problems. Problem-solving needs plans and Trump doesn’t have that. He has different priorities.

    Obama called the present election as the most important election of his lifetime. He requested voters to turn out in large numbers to cast their ballots. Americans can not be complacent at this critical moment.

    The former President asserted this election to be a quest for democracy and truthfulness. He poured in his contempt towards the leaders who are floating lies and false theories in the public domain on the daily basis. Obama’s criticism was directed towards the Trump administration.

    Obama also circumvented Trump on his alleged business links with China. He cited the New York Times report which found that Trump had a bank account in China. Obama said if he were in place of Trump, right-leaning media organisations would have termed him Beijing Barry.

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    Obama appealed for Biden-Harris

    Obama and Biden have worked together in the White House in the past. Biden was the vice president in Obama’s administration. Obama urged Philadelphia voters to defeat Trump and support the Biden-Harris pair.

    He said that Biden’s election will bring character and hope to the presidency. Obama said they have formulated plans to fight with the coronavirus pandemic and the falling economy. He claimed that the Democratic Party will restore the spirit of hope and change to the presidency.

    Safe and smart rally

    Barack Obama offered a statement of action by sticking to the safety protocols all through his rally. His podium was thoroughly and frequently sanitized before he spoke. He removed his mask while speaking. But after completing, he put on his ‘VOTE’ mask over the face as he walked through.

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    As he briefly stopped for canvassing, two small kids approached him and greeted him. They were pushed by their parents towards Obama but the former President was careful to maintain a proper distance. He simply waved at them. Obama reminded them of the need for safety during the pandemic. He said he said he wanted to hug the little kids but he was helpless.

    Obama’s action was simply an assertion of the rationality and the counter vision that Democrats have formed and maintained against Trump’s reckless campaign.

    Republicans’ counterattack

    Republicans lashed out in return. Trump’s 2020 communication director, Tim Murtaugh said that Biden lacked enthusiasm, therefore, Democrats have fielded Obama into the campaign.

    He also raised questions about Obama’s awareness of Biden’s bid to sell White House to foreigners. He accused that Biden has been unsuccessful in his around five-decade-long political career and now he has compromised the country’s integrity with China.

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