NewsUSA and CanadaMinneapolis outlaws Police Chokeholds Following George Floyd's Death

    Minneapolis outlaws Police Chokeholds Following George Floyd’s Death

    Right activists in the city of Minneapolis have acceded with the state government to prohibit police from using chokeholds as well as mandate them to mediate and make a report if they ever find any police officer deploying the use of lethal force on unarmed persons.

    These developments are included in a joint agreement between the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and Minneapolis, which began a civil rights probe this week following the death of George Floyd in the hands of police. Meanwhile, Minneapolis is looking to City Council to give a go ahead of the law on Monday.

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    NBC News reported that the agreement, which would become enforceable in court, mandates any police officer, irrespective of his rank or tenure, to make reports regarding the application of any neck restraint to their commander or their commander’s superiors.

    Also, the new law mandates any officer who observes another applying the use of excessive force, such as any choke hold or neck restraint to mediate by speaking or make an attempt to get involved physically. 

    Under the law, police officers would be heavily sanctioned if they failed to act as expected.

    Also, the new law now requires an approval from the police chief or a designated deputy chief before an officer could use crowd control devices, such as chemical agents, rubber bullets, flash-bangs, marking and batons. 

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    In another development, Fox News confirms that an individual who was with George Floyd the night he was killed noted that his friend did not refuse arrest by the police. Rather, he noted his late friend attempted defusing the matter on ground before he was handcuffed and began pleading to be allowed to breathe because a policeman knelt at the back of his neck.

    When the four policemen arrived at the scene, Maurice Lester Hall said he was inside the car with the late Floyd. Floyd had been suspected of being in possession of a $20 bill which he wanted to use as payment for an item at the shop.

    Hall confirmed that Floyd cooperated with the police orders and he remembers he heard his late friend asking the officer what all that was for.

    Hall is a very important witness in Minnesota’s probe into the four officers who arrested Floyd. 

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    Derek Chauvin, the white officer who pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck even after Floyd stopped moving his body parts, has been slammed with second-degree murder, third-degree murder as well as manslaughter; while the three others have been charged with aiding and abetting the crime. 

    Also, each of the four individuals has been relieved of the duties as police officers.

    The New York Times confirms that a woman was also in the car with Floyd, although Hall said he did not know anything about her. The identity of Hall was not fully stated until the time of filing this report.

    Hall, in an interview with “Good Morning America” stated that the matter quickly assumed a different dimension when police moved the deceased into their squad car, pulled him back out of the car and then jumped on the back of his neck.

    He said Floyd was later moved into an ambulance and that he did not have any idea his pal had lost his life until the following day when he saw a video about the incident on Facebook.

    He noted his late friend cried out for help because an officer placed a knee on his neck and he was experiencing pains. 

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    Hall told the Huffington Post that he was always never going to forget seeing the fearfulness on Floyd’s face because he was such a royalty. That is what Hall could hardly forget, seeing a mature adult cry, before his death.

    Hall who is 42- year old said he attended a memorial service for Floyd before hitch hiking away to Houston, where he was on Monday picked up on account of outstanding warrants for felony possession of a firearm, felony drug possession and felony domestic assault. 

    After his arrest, a Minnesota investigator interviewed Hall for hours to gain an understanding on Floyd’s death. His attorney stated he has since been released on the warrant issue.

    The state Department of Human Rights and Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz have ordered a civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department to devise better ways for addressing racial discrimination with a view to creating systemic changes. As of Friday, the state and Minneapolis city leaders were already discussing a deal for a temporary restraining order to bring about some immediate changes.

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