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    Mexico: government studies creating airline in charge of the Army


    FILE – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gives his daily press conference (the “morning”) in front of the presidential plane at the Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico City, July 27, 2020. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte File)


    Mexico’s president said Tuesday that his government is considering the creation of a state airline run by the military that would use 10 leased planes and the former presidential plane.

    The unusual plan would bolster the military’s growing role in Mexico’s economy.

    The proposal appears in a series of documents obtained by the Guacamaya hacker group, and on Tuesday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that the plan was under study. Lopez Obrador has already entrusted the armed forces with the construction of trains and airports, the management of the federal police and a set of tasks that range from supervising the distribution of vaccines to growing trees for reforestation programs.

    The president indicated that the airline is under consideration and that it could be called “Mexicana”, after a defunct mixed-ownership company that went bankrupt in 2010.

    “The analysis is being done economically, viability,” he added. “It is very likely that by next year this new airline will be ready.”

    The idea combines Lopez Obrador’s fondness for state-owned companies — he has criticized the decision of previous governments to privatize them — with his almost total dependence on the armed forces, which he considers honest and a bulwark against corruption.

    A military-run company operates the new Felipe Angeles airport, built by order of the president for the capital, and is building a new airport in the Caribbean coastal resort town of Tulum.

    In addition to increasing traffic on little-used Felipe Angeles, the Army-run airline would apparently provide flights to the Mayan Train tourism project.

    This project, which will connect spas with archaeological sites in the Yucatan peninsula, is also in charge of the Army.

    The Army, which lacks experience in handling commercial flights, would create a subsidiary in charge of air service to the resorts that the Mayan Train would serve.

    “The company, which is called Empresa Olmeca Maya Mexica, is going to operate the Chetumal airport, the Palenque airport,” said the president.

    Source: El Nuevo Herald

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