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    ‘Master of deflector’ Trump is back, thrown his mask and mocked- the election is rigged

    Less than 2 weeks since Trump was found corona positive, he returned to his election mood and started the campaigning from where he left his job half done. Republican President was in Florida on Monday after the medical team who kept Trump on the regular check and under their surveillance signalled that, He’s ready to go now, He has been immune from the virus. Trump, who has shown defiant attitude towards the coronavirus again depicted himself as the fighter before the crowd chanting 4 more years Mr Trump.

    A few days back, Michael Cohen, a former teammate of Donald Trump said an interview with CNN that the US President is the master of deflection and the king of chaos. Trump’s attitude and the way he sensationalises any issue verify the fact.

    US President during his campaigning in Florida once again raised his voice against the balloting system of voting in the US. He said- We have been here for four years and the balloting disaster where everyone can see that how the election is being rigged by Democrats is quite common. He is not going to allow a smooth transition of power.

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    Trump again mocked- the election is rigged

    Republican candidate Donald Trump twitted with 2 back to back posts in which he has written the caption rigged, that means the election is rigged. The voice and the discontent, he has been raising since few days and the denial for transfer of power has not only burdened the Democrats but few Republicans are also in worry to handle the situation. Former Republican General Chuck Boyd, who is now supporting his rival party candidate the Democrat Joe Biden, has criticised the steps and Trump persistent denial of transfer of power and his agenda-setting attitude towards balloting system.

    Former Republican General started endorsing Biden

    When he was asked what he thinks of the current scenario and what he feels about the US President stand in the election on various issues. The former Republican and retired General Chuck Boyd replied- ”Well, I think that we have reached in a crisis phase. He (Trump) came out for campaign and say the people the election is rigged. He has passed through the same election process and serve as the US President for four years and now questioning the efficacy of balloting. This is something which is not easily digestible for the Former Republican.”

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    Biden leading from Trump nationally in the race of Presidentship

    The various polls conducted by the agencies and media, showing that Biden is leading from Trump nationally by more than 10 per cent average in all polls. CNN reported that Biden has taken the lead of more than 16 per cent nationally as compared to Trump. Both the candidates have focussed over the swing states where the majority of electors decide to choose who will be the next to lead the US. While Trump was campaigning in Florida, Biden has addressed the crowd of Ohio. While Trump was putting the statement of a rigged election in Florida, the Democrat candidate was propounding the roadmap of the revival of the US.

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    Trump in Florida, Biden in Ohio

    Donald Trump during his election campaign has made a mockery of the mask use. After his recovery from coronavirus, Trump has fled the mask towards the crowd in Florida while campaigning. He has depicted himself as the sole survivor and lone warrior who does not fear from the virus and is fighting with the pandemic. The crowd collected there to see their hero overwhelmed as they see Donald Trump back in his original form. They backed him their support by chanting ‘Four more years Mr Trump.’ But who gonna tell them, How Trump is going to cope up with the situation which has already caused more than 214,000 deaths in the US.

    Now, when the US is just 20 days ahead of Presidential election 2020, Trump going to give his 100 per cent to win back the Presidency.

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