NewsUSA and CanadaMan opens the door of his house and finds a huge bear

    Man opens the door of his house and finds a huge bear


    Black bears are the only plantigrade species found in Florida, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

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    The owner of a house in Florida was met with a big surprise when he opened the door: a large bear was sleeping peacefully in the entrance of the residence.

    Chuck Robbins, who lives in Heathrow in the central east of the state, said he had received information the night before that someone had seen a bear near his neighborhood and he walked around the area to see if he could locate it to record a video.

    Not finding it, he returned home and went to bed. Hours later, his neighbor sent him a text message informing him that there was a “big bear” in his front yard.

    He looked out the window first and was “just laying” right there right outside his front door.

    “It was incredible. I came out and he was right in front of me and very close,” Robbins told Fox News 35 Orlando.

    The man said he’s seen a lot of bears, but this is the biggest he estimated to weigh at least 375 pounds.

    When asked what he thought when he saw the bear, he jokingly said that he hoped the animal was comfortable.

    In Florida, black bears are the only plantigrade species found in the state, and biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) estimate there are approximately 4,050 bears.

    What to do if you see a bear?

    The FWC recommends that if a person sees a bear from a distance, they should enjoy the experience, but not go too close. If your presence changes the bear’s behavior, it means you are too close.

    If you encounter a bear at close range, follow these tips:

    Standing up.

    Speak to the bear in a calm, assertive voice.

    Back up slowly to a safe area, be sure to allow the bear a clear escape route.

    Avoid direct eye contact – bears and other animals may interpret this as aggressive behavior.

    Stop and stand your ground if your walking away seems to irritate rather than calm the bear.

    Do not make any sudden or jerky movements.

    Running can trigger a chase instinct and bears can run up to 35 mph.

    Don’t Play Dead: Black bears eat things that play dead or are dead.

    Don’t climb a tree either – black bears can climb 100 feet in 30 seconds.

    Do not approach or surprise a bear, especially one that may be injured.

    If you are attacked by a black bear, fight back aggressively. People have successfully defended themselves against black bear attacks using rocks, sticks, or even their bare hands! according to the FWC.

    This story was originally published on December 8, 2022 0:51 pm.

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    Source: El Nuevo Herald

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