NewsUSA and CanadaLos Angeles issues stay at home order because of Covid-19 wave

    Los Angeles issues stay at home order because of Covid-19 wave

    Los Angeles County has now issued a stay-home order for the citizens on Friday. This order has been issued in the wake of an increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the county. Los Angeles is the U.S’s most populous county and it seems as of the number of Covid-19 cases are going out of hand.

    The covid-19 wave began first in China and has now spread in almost every country. Id does not matter whether a country is densely populated or not, the impact of this deadly virus is the same in all the countries.

    The recently issued stay-at-home order by the county will be implemented from Monday. It came after the county recorded 24 new deaths and more that 4500 confirmed cases in Los Angeles.

    The officials at the county are now all set to reduce the increasing number of cases in the county. In U.S, most of the states are recording over 4500 Covid-19 cases on a daily basis.

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    Health Department’s Request To Residents of the State

    The officials at the state have requested people to follow these guidelines. They have also expressed concerns over loss of livelihood and other day to day problems that people have face or will be facing due to covid-19. But the officials have requested everyone to follow these orders as these are for good.

    The only way to stop this wave is by staying at home and avoiding contact with other people. It the chain is not broke, this deadly won’t stop harming people, ultimately taking their lives.

    Stay-At-Home Order

    The officials at the health department have also requested people to cover their face before leaving their residence as it will prevent them from getting directly in contact with a diseased person.

    The newly issued orders temporarily ban people from coming out of their homes and gathering at a private or a public place. However, the exceptions have been made in the order for Church and protests.

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    Coming on the Retail Business, the county has allowed some of the Retail Business to run their business and make profits during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. However, they have to follow strict guidelines while running their business during this festiv season.

    Nothing has been changes for the restaurants. Since the advent of Covid-19 virus in the country, all the restaurants and eateries have been banned from in-person dining. However, delivery, take-away, annd pick-up services are allowed.

    All the beaches, trails, and parks will remain open but the people visiting these places have to follow strict guidelines imposed by the officials of the state. This order is applicable till December 20.

    There have been more stringent orders passed during this year. In a closure order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom, all the schools and most of businesses were shut and the officials imposed very strict guidelines that restricted the free movement of people from their houses.

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    Only the essential workers were allowed to step out of their house. Grocery Shops and related stores were given permit but they had to follow strict guidelines imposed by the govt.

    Los Angeles has borders with states that house workers and people who do not access to medical facilities and live insevere conditions. Those people are the ones who are getting more prone to this deadly virus. The govt. is trying its best to look out for the ways in which these cases could be reduced in a stipulated time period.

    Talking about the vaccine for Covid-19, none of the countries have yet given details on the vaccine that has been given a green light by the medical professionals. However, many countries are claiming that they are close of creating vaccine for this deadly virus, but let’s see when we will actually see the vaccine.

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