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    Limited headroom doesn’t deter him, Trump continues dual fight with the same vigour

    Trump is the most effective driving force for his campaigns. He has his own distinct style of marketing which has earned him a brand image and an unwavering voter base. Trump is forced to remain hospitalised in a military hospital in the final month before the election. Political analysts have speculated that the series of events might lead his campaign to slow down drastically. They have also calculated chances of power transfer to Vice President Mike Pence.

    Trump administration is trying hard to defy all such claims. The political operations of the Republican party continue in full fervour. Slight initial adjustments have been made but Trump remains in control of things. Trump top aides have painted a rosy picture where everything is normal. Trump is projected to be in good shape even though news reports have found otherwise.

    How ill is Donald Trump?

    News reports have disclosed that President Trump is facing severe health threat in SARS-CoV-2 infection. White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows have said that his condition is very concerning. He also said on Friday that next 48 hours will be very critical and determine the path of his recovery.

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    Trump top aides including his White House physician, Conley, maintained that Trump is in good health and his hospitalisation is just a precautionary measure. Trump’s fatigued appearances have defied the claims of his being all right.

    Conley claimed that Trump is diagnosed with fever-free. He, however, omitted the fact that he is constantly taking aspirin that lowers body temperature. New York Times has quoted White House sources on terms of anonymity that the President was given supplemental oxygen before being hospitalized.

    Trump’s staunch and dismissive approach towards pandemic prevents Republicans for letting his weak image come before voters. Trump is too ill to handle the campaign on his own.

    Republicans campaign in Trump’s absence

    Vice President Mike Pence is taking charge of affairs, not as a substitute for Trump, but his right hand. Mike’s presence in campaigns will echo Trump’s command.

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    Pence has reiterated Republican claim of ‘Making America Great Again’ as a mission. The MAGA is a widely popular promise that binds conservative voters to the Republican party.

    A series of virtual events are planned before and after the vice presidential debate of Wednesday. Trump is expected to head some or all of these events through virtual platforms. Mike Pence will represent him in outdoor rallies.

    Justin Clarke, deputy campaign manager has shown the firm resolve to get people to vote for the Party. Clarke is handling the campaign as Bill Stepien has caught the virus. Republicans are also persistent in messaging and negative advertisement to win voters.

    Trump’s family retain personal touch with voters

    Campaign officials have taken Trump’s family members on board to campaign for election. This is a clear effort to ensure that loyal voters do not lose touch with Trump. Trump has an effective personal appeal among his voters.

    Trump’s son Eric and his wife Lara have opposed media claim that says Trump is seriously ill. Lara alleged that mainstream media is creating a hype to make fortunes.

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    No lessons learned from the health crisis

    Republicans seem not to have learned any lesson from the surge of positive cases among Trump’s top aides. Mike Pence is scheduled to hold massive rallies in Peoria, Indiana and Arizona after his vice presidential debate.

    Bus tour campaign of Republicans attracted a large number of voters. They were spotted on a bus without masks. These voters closely interacted with campaigners. Politics at the cost of public health will only create chaos and destruction.

    Trump is trailing behind Biden and has received a life-threatening condition. He is obviously not going to give up. He will fight till last day before the presidential election. It is important to see if sympathy votes help him or the health crisis turns into a political one for him. What magic Trump can create with the limited space he is left with?

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]



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