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    Georgia: Tropical Storm Zeta leaves lacks of people without power

    In a nerve chilling update from Georgia, U.S, Tropical Storm Zeta has resulted in much-accepted chaos and disturbance in the state. Just a few days before, it was announced that Georgians would have to face heavy winds and rainstorms.

    Tropical Storm Zeta entered the state in the early morning of Thursday. It arrived with high winds, flooding rains, and destruction. The winds were heavy enough to carry everything and anything coming in their way. People witnessed winds toppling trees and power cuts that left a hundred thousand people with no access to electricity.

    Power Cuts, Destruction, and What Not!

    The storm entered the state at around 5 a.m when around 0.1 million residents faced power cuts. Minutes after minutes the number went increasing. Due to these power cuts, people were also facing internet connectivity issues.

    As per the sources, at about 6:00 a.m., over 0.5 million people were left with no access to electricity. The crew members and the relief workers were not able to access the situation and destruction due to heavy winds and rainfall. It was further stated that people might have to face power cuts even for hours.

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    Just after a few minutes, the number of households who experience powercuts increased as the situation became even worse. After a few minutes more, it was informed that some of the families had access to electricity and were not facing powercuts anymore. Because the winds were now traveling at a slower pace, the rescue workers were able to observe the level of destruction caused by the incident.

    It was informed that most of the roads had trees lying on them. Although some families had access to electricity, lakhs of people were still facing power cuts. The first news of the tragedy came an hour later where it was announced that a man died after a tree fell on his house.

    The law enforcement officers and government authorities have asked people to travel with extreme caution. They have also requested people to inform them about traffic signals that are not working, and other things that might have got affected due to the storm.

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    The exact number of casualties has not yet been reported by the authorities. The search parties and evacuation teams are still searching for the individuals and families who have been affected because of this storm.

    The storm was so powerful that it made trees fly, cars move on their own, and damaged properties worth crores in the state. Although the rescue teams have begun their search operations and relief work, it might take a few hours for them to analyze the complete situation and give us some final reports on the exact situation of the place.

    What Can We Do When Storms Strike?

    There is nothing wrong with saying that when nature plans a strike on us, we can’t protect ourselves from it. Particularly, in the case of storms, any object could fall on us at any moment without giving prior notice.

    However, there are certain things that one can do during these situations. These things include precautions and certain necessary items that one must have handy to avoid getting for any kind of unforeseen circumstances. These are;

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    Eatables and Drinks: The first thing you must do is to arrange all the eatables available in your home. Because the whole state or city would experience the storm, it is possible that the shopping marts might remain close for days. Hence, having eatables handy would make you a bit stress-free.

    Find a Strong spot: As soon as you start witnessing the storm, make sure you get inside a table or any hard object that can cover your head and body. You might seem you already have a roof, but there are chances a tree might fall on a house. Hence, it is always advised to stay under a table until everything comes to normal.

    Torch and Medical Kit: Just like Georgia, you also might power cuts because of heavy storms. In that case, having a torch by your side will help you locate necessities your left in hurry. First-Aid is a must to have near you in these kinds of situations. You can avoid injuries using these medical kits.

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