NewsUSA and CanadaDonald Trump pledges to jail his political opponents if re-elected in 2024

    Donald Trump pledges to jail his political opponents if re-elected in 2024

    The former American president, charged four times in a few months, says he is persecuted by the Democrats and Joe Biden. During an interview, he therefore promised that he would be obliged, if he were re-elected in 2024, to imprison them in return.

    He will have “no choice”. Questioned this Tuesday by conservative polemicist Glenn Beck on BlazeTV, Donald Trump pledged to “lock up” political opponents in the event of re-election to the White House during the 2024 presidential election.

    During this interview, the radio host returned to the slogan “lock her up” chanted by Donald Trump towards his opponent Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. “Do you regret not having locked [Clinton]? And if you’re president again, are you going to lock people up?” Glenn Beck asked.

    To which the billionaire retorted: “The answer is that you have no choice, because they do it with us.”

    4 historic indictments

    Donald Trump thus refers to the many legal scandals in which he is involved which have accumulated in recent months. Indicted four times, notably for conspiracy against institutions after his defeat in 2020, the former president is currently closer to being convicted than to being re-elected at the expense of Joe Biden.

    Why is Donald Trump accused of plotting against the United States?

    It is moreover the latter that he considers responsible for his historical setbacks. This Monday, the Republican described the current president as a “scoundrel” who “instrumentalizes” justice to exclude him from the race for the White House.

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    With Glenn Beck, Donald Trump regretted not having been severe enough with Joe Biden while he was president. According to him, he “never hit Biden as hard” as he could have during his tenure.

    A great favorite of the Republicans, the former President of the United States must first be elected at the Republican convention next July before hoping to run for a second term in early November 2024. Unless a possible conviction, particularly in Georgia, don’t stop him.

    Source: BFM TV

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