PoliticsDemocrats fierce denial failed to block Trump masterstroke, Barrett easy entry in...

    Democrats fierce denial failed to block Trump masterstroke, Barrett easy entry in Apex Court

    Amidst all the peaceful denial of Democrats, Trump’s pick for the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the US Supreme Court judge has finally been nominated and accepted to be a part of the 9 members judicial bench. The Republican by heart and ideology Amy Coney Barrett joined the other 5 Republican judges and now the mathematics is like 6 out of 9 are Republican and 3 Democrats.

    Amy Coney Barrett gets the majority support to win her confirmation as the Ginsburg’s replacement. The Judiciary Committee has voted for her confirmation in 12-0 ratio where all those who voted in favour are Republicans and 10 other committee members boycott the meeting, who are Democrats.

    The meddling of Republicans-Democrats on Barrett entry into the Apex Cout

    The head of the Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham was delighted by her confirmation after the voting. He said- the boycott of voting by Democrats is their choice. He also added that they are not going to allow them to take over and occupy the judiciary committee.

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    While the Democrats on the other side criticised the voting process and claimed that it was done in hurry. The US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer was not happy with the entry of new Republican member in judicial bench. He believes that the process and the hurry that US Republican government has shown is very shameful from its beginning when Trump was overcharged to nominate the Ginsburg replacement.

    Trump strategy to pick the replacement of Ginsburg in hurry

    Just less than two weeks before the US Presidential election, the confirmation of new judge in the US Supreme Court is all seen as a part of the US President Trump’s strategy after post-election outcomes. Donald Trump has earlier mocked several times that the role of the US Supreme Court will be significant after November 3, the US election day.

    Now, the Democrats are very much aware of the fact that the Republican Presidential candidate for the US election 2020, has been focussed over the mail-in-ballot complaint if he loses to his Democrat counterpart Joe Biden. The move has been well-planned by the Republicans so that they can have one more representation in the judicial bench that may take care of the US election fraud voting plea after the election result.

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    The Complex Process of US Supreme Court judge nomination

    There are some of the key reasons why Democrats are not ready to accept Amy Coney Barrett as the US Supreme Court judge who will be serving in the judicial bench till her life. The Process of approval of the US Supreme Court is not an easy one. From the nomination by the US President at the first stage to the confirmation by the judicial committee, there are more steps or we can say test, a candidate has to clear off.

    The Stand of Barrett irritated the Democrats

    One such is the test of stand the nominated person take on the several issues put forward by the committee. Barrett has not only irritated the Democrats but also pissed them off by her stand and say on various issues like Abortion, Climate change, Voting rights, Presidential powers and Obamacare health programme. She has been very biased in her responses to Obamacare healthcare policy and Presidential power.

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    Apart from that her stand over abortion has been discussed a lot in the committee after her statement that- ”She has had no agenda to roll back the legal abortion rights from the US citizens.”

    The historic US Presidential election 2020

    Now, this time the US Presidential election 2020 is witnessing various historic events and moves. The fight between one of the most older candidates for Presidency is historic in the US. Apart from that, it is the first time where the US Supreme Court judge has been nominated just before 11 days before the US election on Nov 3. Now, it is a matter of speculation that how the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett may change the fate of Republicans after the US Presidential election result.

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