NewsUSA and CanadaCelebrities Leveraging their Influence to Push for Change following George Floyd’s Murder

    Celebrities Leveraging their Influence to Push for Change following George Floyd’s Murder

    Earlier this week, various social media networks became awash with videos showing George Floyd, crying out that he could not breathe and pleading not to be killed, while a white police officer knelt on his neck for some minutes to the delight of other policemen who stood by.

    Floyd, a 46-year old father of two, was certified dead when he was rushed to a nearby medical facility.

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    The footage, which was filmed live on Monday in Minneapolis, leaves an unsavory feeling in a long history of police high-handedness against black persons in the United States.

    Also, Floyd’s killing comes less than two months after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man gunned down while jogging on the street, and Breonna Taylor, a black lady murdered by cops right within her own home.

    With the murder of Floyd, many well-meaning persons, including Beyoncé, Rihanna as well as Michelle Obama, have chosen to deploy their social media influence as tools for calling the government to look into cases of police violence against black people.

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    According to CNN, more celebrities are beginning to express their sincere thoughts on the matter as they call for a change and an expedite action from relevant authorities.

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    Many celebrities have started leveraging their social influence to raise awareness and demand justice following the murder of Floyd in the hand of Minneapolis cops.

    Culture News reports that the Minneapolis Police Department has sacked Chauvin, who is white, as well as three other officers on May 26 as the FBI kick-started a civil rights findings. After three days, Chauvin was picked up and charged with both murder and manslaughter.

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    Preliminary medical investigation revealed that Floyd had underlying health challenges and did not seem to have died from strangulation, although his family has requested for a private examination.

    In a statement to The New York Times via civil rights advocate, Ben Crump on May 29, the North Carolina family said the anguish that the black community experienced over the murder and what it reflects about the treatment of black people in America is tough and pouring out onto streets.

    The family also suggests they want Chauvin slammed with such criminal charges that truly reflect the gravity of his crime.

    Meanwhile, celebrities such as BeyoncéKim KardashianBarack Obama as well as Rihanna have created some special buzz words on social media to celebrate the life and times of Floyd.

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    The U.S, this weekend witnessed violent demonstrations across many cities demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, as well as the countless other black persons who have been victims of avoidable deaths because of police brutality and racism.

    Some celebrities joined protesters in major cities like Los Angeles or New York, while other superstars deployed their social platforms to highlight a series of related root causes.

    Stars used their social influence to create awareness about non for profit outfits like the Brooklyn Bail Fund, which helps ensure New York residents joining the protests are released from police custody, or GoFundMes that directly benefits the family members of deceased persons, such as the Floyd family’s page.

    Beyoncé uploaded a personal footage of herself condemning Floyd’s murder on Instagram. Beyoncé said justice was needed for Floyd. She said witnessing Floyd’s murder in broad daylight leaves Americans broken and disappointed.

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    The super star said stated the pain following Floyd’s murder should not be assumed as normal. She noted she was not only speaking for people of color since her message appealed to black, white, brown or anything in-between.

    She said she felt hopeless by the racism experience in America. She condemned the incidence of senseless killings of black people and seeing people of color as less of a human.

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    Also, Rihanna mourned Floyd with an Instagram post where she said watching her people get murdered pushes her to a heavy place in her heart. To the point of staying away from social media, just to avoid hearing the agony re-echoing in Floyd’s voice, begging over and over for his life.

    Singer, Billie Eilish, also published a short piece on Instagram about special privileges white folks enjoy. She queried why black people were being murdered for being black if all lives actually mattered.

    Also, she questioned why immigrants were treated with disregard, while white-skinned people offered privileges that people of other races do not get, suggesting the need to address hundreds of years of oppression of black people.

    Also,Taylor Swift wrote on Twitter condemning Trump’s tweet which chided protestors and threatened them with shooting. She blamed Trump for stoking the fires of white supremacy and threatened Americans would vote against him in November.

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    Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, and many others also shared posts that indicated phone numbers to Minneapolis officials. They requested their followers to call out and demand justice for Floyd’s murder.

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