NewsUSA and CanadaCaught by a seat belt, a girl has both feet severed

    Caught by a seat belt, a girl has both feet severed

    Six years old, the young victim was successfully operated on, but must now undergo a long rehabilitation of several months in order to regain the full use of his two legs.

    The facts date back to May 17. That day, in the state of Virginia, in the United States, a van was driving with Aubrey Scaletta, only six years old, on board. As reported The Independentit was playing with a seat belt when one end of the strap came out the window and began to wrap around the vehicle’s driveshaft.

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    Within seconds, the other end of the belt, which wrapped around the feet, pulled Aubrey toward the window. The strap, which quickly tightened, severed both of his feet.

    Operated successfully

    According to a statement released by Virginia police, the young victim was quickly airlifted to the hospital for nearly six-hour surgery, which reattached his feet to his legs. While further operations will be needed in the near future, the girl is currently recovering in pediatric care.

    On social networks, Lauren Wensel Scaletta, Aubrey’s mother, frequently gives news of her daughter. In her last point of May 25, she indicates that the girl is no longer under sedatives. “She breathes on her own!”, She also says, pointing to the gradual abandonment of the artificial respirator.

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    According to Lauren, Aubrey’s next operation will be on June 9, for skin grafts. “It looks like we could leave the hospital at the end of June in a wheelchair with raised legs,” she adds. The medical community’s goal, she says, is for Aubrey to be able to walk again with splints or a walker “by Christmas.”

    Source: BFM TV

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