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    Biden takes historic legacy to throw stone on Trump’s house, even though his own is made of glass

    Joe Biden’s Gettysburg speech was meant to establish three aspects. The first is that the United States is in dire states of economy and polity, comparable to the worst crises the country has ever seen. The second thing is that Trump failed badly at handling the crisis. He has made things worst. Lastly, Biden projects himself as a leader who takes inspiration from greats like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt to bring the country out of the existing crisis.

    Biden has outlined the gravity of 2020 election which he projects as historical. He creates an urgency for voters to vote him to power. Biden figured in greatest leaders and their deeds to bear testimony to his resolve of taking America to a safe zone.

    It is interesting to see how far are his claims true and how Republicans have countered his rosy and simple solutions.

    Targeting Trump for all wrongs

    Biden’s election promises started with the standard Democratic claim of bolstering the economic and social life of middle-class families. But the chaotic year offered Biden more stuff to talk about. The coronavirus pandemic and racial injustices become the talk of the day. These incidents pumped in life to his campaign against Trump.

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    He targeted Trump over these issues and called him dangerous for the nation. The issue of racial injustice has prompted both leaders to play divisive politics, each taking side of the race where they saw their voter base. This made it easy for Biden to castigate Trump as an offender to a particular race of people.

    Trump couldn’t do much on it. He went ahead with Whites but floated claims that he has done more than any other President in American history, except Lincoln, for the benefit of Black people.

    Biden reduced Trump as insignificant in the handling of coronavirus pandemic. Most countries are struggling to contain the virus. It is uncertain how successful Biden would have been in tackling the issue.

    Biden’s tall claims

    Biden claimed to unify the country. He was referring to the divide between Blacks and Whites. Racial discrimination and economic inequality are very deep-rooted problems in America. They have consolidated over hundreds of years.

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    He also asserted to relive Lincon’s concept of democracy. Biden claimed that he will not allow the government of the people, for the people and by the people to perish from the earth. The Democratic candidate tried to emphasise two things. One, that the democracy faces imminent danger from in Trump administration. Second, he linked himself to Lincoln’s dream.

    He has promised to plan a comprehensive framework to contain the pandemic and improve nations economic conditions. He also expressed his resolve to combat the climate crisis.

    Biden’s aides hailed his speech as groundbreaking. They said it is a result of groundwork and not merely a set of dreamy presidential promises. It is known that Biden will deliver another speech before November 3.

    Biden’s claims to be tested on anvils of reality

    Biden’s lofty promises need much beyond a plain resolve. It requires a sweeping mandate and grit for strong decision-making to materialise those claims. In absence of a clear mandate, Biden’s claims will remain a daydream. To complicate things further, contradictions of his policies will start emerging once they get on the ground.

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    Trump has countered his policies for tackling coronavirus as a threat to the economy and his plans to combat climate crisis will lead to job losses. President also denounced his health and tax reforms as having socialist leanings. They will not work much in a pure capitalist economy like the USA.

    Newt Gingrich, an erstwhile Republican House Speaker, challenged Biden’s claims and its parallel with historical leaders, for lacking the requisites. He highlighted that Lincoln handled the Civil War with an iron fist. He had to pass executive orders against the will of Congress. Franklin D. Roosevelt also commanded an overwhelming majority.

    Biden’s claims are over-ambitious. He is not likely to get a sweeping majority in the election even if he wins. Times are tough for America and Biden is in a convenient position to criticise Trump administration for many things. His claims and resolves may be well-intentioned but materialization is very uncertain.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]



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