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    Biden makes Inroad into Republican states of Iowa, Georgia And Texas: NYT Poll

    Women votes in Iowa and Georgia are giving Biden an edge over Trump, Texas remains narrowly divided despite men majority.

    A New York Times survey has suggested that Joe Biden is marking strong presence is Republican states like Iowa, Georgia and Texas. Biden’s strength in these red states is backed by gender gaps.

    Democrats are heavily preferred by women in these states while Republicans have men, voters, as their stronghold. Continued opposition by women has made chances grim for Donald Trump.

    Democrats led by Biden are already giving a tough fight to Republicans in traditional swing states like Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania. The party has fared well in South and Midwest too. Biden however, has restrained his party in Texas. Texas is a large state with complicated political equations. Democrats are assuming that the state may not be decisive in overall electoral victory.

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    Republican and Democrat candidates are tied in Georgia at 45%. The Times poll, however, shows that Biden is leading among women in the state with 10 percentage points. Republicans have a similar advantage with men.

    The Republican candidate, David Perdue is winning 41% votes against 37% of his Democrat rival, Jon Ossoff. Iowa came out as the winner for Joseph Biden. He is leading with 45% as against Trump’s 42%. Here, again women voters have given him an edge over Trump. He is leading women votes with 14 percentage points. Trump has an eight-point advantage over men.

    In Texas, the voter population is predominantly men. Trump is leading in this state at 46% against Biden’s 43%. Men’s allegiance to Trump has given him an advantage of 16%. Democrats are not giving rigorous efforts for the state. Still, the margins are very narrow and it reflects on the mood of voters.

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    It remains the stronghold of Republicans. Their candidate, John Cornyn is winning 42% seats against 37% of Democrat candidate, M.J. Hegar.

    The survey says that young voters in Texas are unanimously opposed to Trump’s hard-line immigrant policies. 75 per cent of overall voters in the state are opposed to his policies. Although Texans are narrowly divided on Trump’s proposal to build the border wall, Young voters are against such move in the state.

    The poll also assessed voters among other factors including the succession of Justice Ginsburg, economic issues, recovery from COVID-19 and others.

    On the issue of handling coronavirus pandemic, voters decided to the side by Joseph Biden. Trump has recently downplayed the impact of diseases by saying that it is not such a big threat. His administration has been submissive on this front. In Texas and Georgia, voters are narrowly divided on this issue. On economic issues, Trump has an edge over Biden in all the three states.

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    On the succession of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, voter’s reaction is mixed. Appointments of a new justice are closely related to the ground issue of abortion. On this issue, the survey concluded that it was not clear from the survey whether voters had a particularly strong reaction to that possibility.

    As per the poll, the voters of the three states were also divided into racial lines. Georgia and Texas are divided on the issue. Two-thirds of voters from Georgia stands with Trump. Biden on other hand claims the majority of black voters.

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