NewsUSA and CanadaBiden gets past Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania; Trump multiplies misinformation malice

    Biden gets past Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania; Trump multiplies misinformation malice

    Three days have passed since the Election Day but none of the two presidential candidates has emerged out as the winner. Joe Biden has already won the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin. He now just needs one of the left out battleground states to reach the 270 electoral votes threshold.

    Biden first caught up Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia and now has even managed to maintain a steady lead in both states. He just needs to take one of these states into his fold to win the election. Experts predicted that the winner will emerge only after a few days.

    Trump, meanwhile is left with the monotonous task of discrediting the election. His relentless cries against the unfound voting fraud have apprehended Democrats political analysts and socio-political groups. Nations top broadcasters have expressed disgust around misinformation spread by him. Recently, Republicans also stood divided on the issue.

    Biden leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia

    The counting in Pennsylvania and Georgia has been a time-taking affair. Biden and Trump are facing a close fight in both states. The winner may be decided only after a couple of days. Biden was trailing behind Trump in both states but has managed to gain a lead after mail-in ballots started being counted in large numbers. Mail-in ballots counting is a slightly complicated affair. It takes more time in comparison.

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    Biden is leading Trump in Pennsylvania by a margin of 6,000 votes. In Georgia, Biden has a marginal edge of 1,000 votes. His lead is rising on account of the mail-in ballot. These ballots are going in favour of Biden as Trump had convinced his supporters to avoid mail-in ballots and vote in person. Number of votes in Biden’s favour is record-breaking. He has got more than 73 million votes till now, surpassing all other candidates in history. Millions of votes are yet to be counted.

    Biden is trying to make Americans complacent. He is asking them to have patience until the last vote is counted. He posed trust in the election process and mandate of the American voters. He offers himself as a stark version of Trump.

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    Split among Republicans

    Republicans are at a crossroad where they have to choose between the allegiance to Trump and neglect for his baseless cries. Their choice is partly guided by the prospects of presidential nominations for next elections.

    Even though the presidential chair seems to be slipping away from Trump, he has great influence in the Grand Old Party. He can be instrumental in providing approval ratings to candidates seeking for presidential runs.

    The Republican Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland is an ardent critic of Donald Trump. She attacked Trump for his false alarm over voting fraud, saying that it undermines the democratic process which is a landmark for America. Larry exuded confidence in the counting process and said results should be respected like always.

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    The Missouri senator Josh Hawley has preferred to side himself by the incumbent Trump. He came out in support of Trump’s statements over voting fraud. He even went on to say that the events in the last 24 hours demanded fresh election integrity laws.

    Where are Trump’s lawsuits headed?

    Trump’s lawsuits seem to serve little purpose in his bid to reelection. Many of the lawsuits are about granting access to the GOP poll watchers in vote counting places.

    Trump is required to win multiple suits in a handful of states where counting is underway and the result is yet to be declared. His lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan were dismissed by the federal court judges in the state within a day. Biden’s attorney Bob Bauer said that sole aim of Trump’s lawsuits is to project a message that election is fraud and result is not to be trusted.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]


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