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    Biden advocates raising minimum wage to $15 in first public conversation as president

    Minimum wage to $15: The president also set a tentative date for the return to normality and assured that the country is not divided.

    President #Joe_Biden was on Tuesday night in his first televised meeting with the public since he arrived at the White House. The president answered questions from Americans related to the coronavirus pandemic, the reopening of schools, the minimum wage or white supremacism.

    Biden defended his administration’s call to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. “The vast majority of economists and there are studies that show that by raising the #minimum_wage_to_$15 an hour there could be an impact on some businesses, but it would be the minimums,” the president assured. “It’s about doing it gradually,” he reminded.

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    Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would not only reduce poverty but would also lift 1.4 million workers out of unemployment and increase the deficit by about $54 million over a decade, according to a report released Monday by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

    A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that 80% of economic research over the past 30 years finds that there are employment losses associated with raising the minimum wage. However, advocates argue that other, higher quality studies tend to show that minimum wage increases do not harm employment.

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    What other issues Biden talked about
    The coronavirus pandemic took center stage in the president’s television appearance. Biden urged Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as they can because new variants could end up reducing the effectiveness of the vaccines. He reminded that the longer the virus is circulating, the easier it is for vaccine-resistant strains to emerge.

    Although he insisted on taking any forecast with caution, the president dared to predict that “next Christmas” the country could reach a “very different situation”. According to him, the current vaccines and that of Johnson & Johnson (which is expected to be approved soon) will make the ability to continue spreading the disease “diminish considerably”.

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    Biden, who ran for election on a promise to “unite the country,” now claims that the nation is not divided and gave the example that most people agree on issues such as coronavirus relief. On white supremacism, he considered that it is the biggest terrorist threat in the United States and that it is real and preferred to move away from any topic related to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

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