NewsUSA and CanadaBiden administration sues Texas for floating barrier to stop migrants

    Biden administration sues Texas for floating barrier to stop migrants

    The United States Department of Justice sent a lawsuit against Texas for the installation of a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande to prevent the passage of migrants from Mexico. The Democratic government ensures that the measure of Republican Governor Greg Abbott goes against federal law and violates human rights. In addition to his withdrawal, Washington called for a ban on similar measures in the future.

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    The notification arrived at the Texas Government offices on Monday night. Joe Biden’s Executive filed a lawsuit against that state for installing a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande in order to stop the passage of migrants. Washington claims that the floating wall was built without federal authorization.

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    The demand is a response to the decision of the Republican governor Greg Abbott, who on July 14 announced the installation of the barrier of more than 1,900 kilometers in length. His argument: stop irregular migration, despite criticism from human rights defenders.

    After proceeding with the measure, the Department of Justice sent a request to Texas to remove the buoys voluntarily, but the state did not budge, vowing to fight in court to preserve them.

    Abbott blames President Joe Biden for the number of migrants who cross the border without authorization, an allegation that he repeated on Tuesday, July 25, after notification of the lawsuit.

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    “Biden refuses to enforce federal laws that prohibit dangerous illegal border crossings between ports of entry. Until Biden fulfills his constitutional duty to enforce those laws, Texas will strive to do so, ”the Texas governor said through his Twitter account and in a letter he sent to President Biden.

    “It’s flagrantly illegal”

    The US Department of Justice has made it clear: the buoy barrier raises humanitarian and environmental concerns, which is why it is asking federal courts in Texas to order its removal.

    The regional government of Texas has accompanied the buoys with barbed wire fences. One more measure in his anti-immigration policy known as Operation Lone Star, which is beginning to receive criticism even within the conservative state.

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    The accusations of violations to the DD. H H. of migrants by the Texas authorities are several, perhaps one of the most striking was the refusal of the border authorities to give water to people who cross the border under 37 degrees Celsius. Images of border guards yelling at migrants have also circulated on social media.

    “There are many ways to show that what Texas is doing right now is flagrantly illegal,” said David Donatti, an attorney with the Texas American Civil Liberties Union.

    Migrants, one of them a child, stand in the Rio Grande River behind concertina wire as they try to enter the US from Mexico near the site where workers are erecting large buoys that will be used as a border barrier in Eagle Pass, Texas, Tuesday, July 11, 2023. The floating barrier is being deployed to prevent migrants from entering Texas from Mexico. ©Eric Gay/AP

    The Biden Administration affirms that irregular border crossings have decreased significantly since the new immigration rules went into effect last May and that, in addition to being “dehumanizing”, these measures by Texas are unnecessary.

    In addition to removing them, the government is asking the courts to compel authorities in the southern state to prohibit the installation of new barriers in other parts of the Rio Grande.

    Mexico backs lawsuit against Texas

    After the presentation of the lawsuit, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador thanked the US president after describing the installation of these floating barriers as “inhumane”.

    “We are very grateful to President Biden for sending a lawsuit against the governor of Texas,” Lopez Obrador said during his daily morning press conference.

    Several political analysts had already pointed out that these measures by the border state could damage relations between the United States and its neighboring country. Last June, Mexico’s foreign secretary asked the US government to remove the buoys and barbed wire.

    Migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico walk past large buoys deployed as a border barrier on the river in Eagle Pass, Texas, Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

    Migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico walk past large buoys deployed as a border barrier on the river in Eagle Pass, Texas, Wednesday, July 12, 2023. ©Eric Gay/AP

    “The presence of the floating barrier has provoked diplomatic protests by Mexico and risks damaging the foreign policy of the United States,” Vanita Gupta, assistant attorney general, told ‘The New York Times’.

    In addition, this episode threatens to lead to more clashes between the Biden Administration and the Republican Government of Texas. At least that’s how the Texan governor expressed it in his letter, in which he promised not to surrender.

    “Texas will see you in court, Mr. President,” Abbott pointed out to the nation’s president in a defiant tone.

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