PoliticsBarrett won't allay Democrats' fear, her vagueness aggravates it further

    Barrett won’t allay Democrats’ fear, her vagueness aggravates it further

    Barrett kept the possibility of the US presidential election ending in the Supreme Court alive. She did not commit to recusing in election disputes despite repeated questioning by Democrats. Her approach was similar to other cases relating to abortion rights, gun rights and the Affordable Care Act. She remained vague in her answers.

    The Indiana judge admitted that she will follow a conservative approach but she has no intention to thrust any agenda to the court. She said that she will go through the process to determine her ruling over particular cases as they keep coming. She refused to have any prejudices.

    On the second day of hearings at Capitol Hill, judge Barrett was sharper in her replies than on Monday. She confronted Democrats with equally matching rigour.

    No clear cut stand on contentious cases

    Barrett refused to have a clear cut stand on contentious issues, citing judicial integrity. She asserted that her commitment to a certain course of ruling will be a gross violation of Judicial Independence.

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    She will go by the Constitution of the United States and interpret it text by text with her conservative approach. She will abstain from ushering in her meaning.

    Barrett said that as a judge, she can not have prejudices around abortion rights, gun rights and the Affordable Care Act. It will undermine the independence of the Supreme Court.

    The Indiana judge also refuted the arguments that she will impose Antonin Scalia’s conservative viewpoints in the top Court. She clarified that she praises Antonin Scalia as her mentor but doesn’t copy her views. Barrett has her approach and she is a different judge altogether.

    Rigorous questioning by Democrats

    Democrats have rigorously questioned Barrett in 30-minute segments. They have shown discontent over Barrett’s vague answers. Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat senator who still faces criticism over her 2016 “dogma lives loudly within you” remark against Barrett, said she was distressed to hear her answers. 87-year-old Feinstein is accompanied by Democrats like Kamala Harris and Chris Coons on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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    Democrats are helpless around Barrett’s confirmation process. They see her as a threat to the Affordable Care Act, which provides health insurance to millions of Americans. The case is slated to be heard a week after elections.

    Democratic party supporters are protesting outside the Senate. They are angered by Trump quickly pushing her confirmation before the election. Trump has hinted that the election result will be decided in court if he loses.

    Ginsburg’s legacy

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the most acclaimed Liberal in the Court. Barrett, who is going to take her place is a staunch conservative. Judge Barrett set aside her ideological differences and expressed her gratitude towards the veteran because she has set a benchmark for women to be in court.

    This did not stop Kamala Harris, the vice-presidential candidate, from attacking her. She said that Barrett’s confirmation can undo whatever Ginsburg has established in her lifetime.

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    Republicans hushed approach

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is headed by the South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. He opened the session on Monday by asking Amy Coney Barrett that will she be able to part her personal opinions from the judicial role, giving her a chance to affirm.

    Republicans are trying to confirm her before the election. She is Trump’s third nomination to Supreme Court leading to 6-3 conservative majority. Her confirmation will open conservative vote banks for Republican senators.

    Lindsey Graham has scheduled the initial committee vote to be held on Thursday, a day before hearing gets completed. Barrett will face full senate voting on 26th.

    Judge Amy Coney Barrett was firm in her stand. She is confident that she will get confirmation. Democrats are not the possible roadblocks for her. She declined from committing to anything that will undermine her ideological stand. Her ideology has earned her acceptance. She can not afford to part with it.

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