NewsUSA and CanadaAngry Protesters raze a Minneapolis Police Facility over Floyd’s Murder

    Angry Protesters raze a Minneapolis Police Facility over Floyd’s Murder

    This ugly incident now rocking several cities in the U.S all began after police acted based on a tip off regarding George Floyd’s use of counterfeit money on Monday.

    Since then, it has been accusations, protests and criticisms..

    The CNN on Monday reports that Floyd was initially ordered to move away from his vehicle, but he offered some resistance prompting the police to forcefully arrest him.

    A video making the rounds on social media showed a policeman kneeling on Floyd’s neck, in spite of him seriously pleading it was difficult for him breathing.

    A criminal report published on Friday confirmed officer Chauvin actually knelt on Floyd’s neck for less than 9 minutes and that the father of two stopped breathing about 3 minutes afterwards.

    Also, the Punch Newspapers reports that a Police Station in Minneapolis was on Friday set on fire following over two days of massive protests trailing the death of an unarmed Floyd.

    On Thursday, protesters assembled outside the police department 3rd Precinct, the hot bed of the crisis.

    Angry mobs soon set fire on the police facility as well as on other buildings close to the spot where Floyd was murdered.

    Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, explained that they had no alternative but to cordon the police station because of how valuable the lives of police officers and public were.

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    Frey referred to the crisis as unacceptable and admitted it has brought some hurt and displeasure.

    The Mayor made this assertion sequel to a Twitter message from Trump which complained Thursday’s incident showed sound leadership was lacking in Minneapolis and that he might have to assign the National Guard, if Frey did not keep the situation under control.

    The National Guard is usually in charge of state control and they could be given federal assignments in times of a serious crisis.

    On Friday, the presidency’s Twitter account posted the president’s tweet on shooting and looting.

    President Trump said some unscrupulous persons were hurting the memory of the deceased with their actions and summoned the National Guard to maintain sanity.

    The bizarre incident has fuelled anger over police brutality of black people in America such as Breonna Taylor.

    Also, social media giant, Twitter, mildly rebuked Trump for his tweet which was laced with violence. It responded by saying Twitter places a public interest notice on messages, saying Trump’s tweet violates their policies regarding violence.

    Also on Friday Hennepin county attorney Michael Freeman convicted Chauvin, the fired police officer seen in a video with his knee on Floyd’s neck, with murder and manslaughter, with his bail set at $500,000.

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    Also, the family of the late Floyd has demanded that the police officers involved in this case be charged with murder. Prosecutors assert they are investigating to get sufficient evidence on the matter.

    The protests have also spread to other places such as New York, Los Angeles as well as Memphis.

    According to analysis by Jessica Lussenhop, BBC senior writer, Minneapolis as well as St. Paul, Minnesota, experienced some serious unrest through the night.

    Many areas without any geographical relationship with the death of Floyd have recorded some unrest, with business outlets throughout the region shut.

    She says people protesting desire the arrest and prosecution of former Minneapolis officer, Derek Chauvin, whose knee pressed into Floyd’s neck minutes before his untimely death.

    According to Daily Post, at a press briefing on Thursday, Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman, promised only a careful investigation would be carried out because both the Federal Bureau of Investigations and others were still at digging to find out the details of the murder.

    The reports say developments in Minnesota were disorderly and happening quite fast.

    On Friday the social media was filled with news that fires had been set before daybreak in Minneapolis and that a CNN crew on live television was arrested.

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    The air in this seemingly serene Mid-western neighborhood was saturated with sirens and fumes.

    Earlier on Thursday, Minnesota governor Tim Walz ordered the state’s National Guard troops because the mayors of Minneapolis and the neighboring city of St. Paul had indicated interest in the need to tighten security in the area.

    Walz called for  non destructive protests, saying the looting, other crimes recorded on Wednesday night had destroyed some commercial enterprises, including some which are owned by minorities.

    All policemen involved in this sad episode have been sacked and the Mayor has advocated that charges be brought against the persons associated with the unfortunate death of Floyd.

    One of the deceased’s siblings, Philonise, informed CNN during the week he wanted the policemen who murdered his brother tried and prosecuted.

    Floyd’s family and their legal representative both expressed disappointment Chauvin was not slammed with the full weight of the law.

    They said they expected he should have been slammed with some degree of charges that reflect the gravity of the crime.

    Freeman noted convictions against the other officers are imminent and, if found guilty, Chauvin might face half a decade in prison.

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