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    American posts photo of his Colombian girlfriend on Twitter, then is arrested for her murder

    Thanks to a new Twitter feature, Internet users have discovered that the man who appeared alongside a young Colombian DJ, and announced their future marriage, is suspected of his murder.

    A Twitter trend, a photo, and behind it, a murderer… A sordid story, spotted by The Parisian, which debuted in December 2022. In response to a question asking to tell “his craziest date” on the social network, a 35-year-old American, John Poulos, posted a photo of himself all smiles alongside of a young woman. He wrote: “I invited a Colombian on vacation without having met her first – we are now getting married”.

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    But on Monday, this innocuous-looking tweet was talked about again. A “community note” – a new feature allowing users of the social network to add context to potentially misleading posts – has been drafted.

    “The user who posted this tweet is now charged with the murder of the woman in question”, is it written, a link from the Dailymail in support.

    Charged with feminicide

    John Poulos, a divorced father of three, is accused of the feminicide of Valentina Trespalacios Hidalgo, a 23-year-old Colombian and famous DJ. The body of the victim was found on January 22 in the southwest of Bogota, indicates a note from the local Colombian prosecutor.

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    Identified as her boyfriend and quickly suspected, the American was arrested in stride by the Panamanian authorities as he tried to flee abroad. He was then handed over to the Colombian authorities. He has since appeared before the courts of this Latin American country, as evidenced by the images of the local CBS channel in Wisconsin in the United States, where John Poulos is from.

    Criminal hearings are scheduled for the month of July, note The Parisian.

    John Poulos is suspected of having beaten and suffocated his victim, then of having put his body in a suitcase. Surveillance videos show him pushing a trolley containing luggage covered with a blanket and then hoisting it into the trunk of his vehicle. The suitcase was later found in a dumpster.

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    Source: BFM TV

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