NewsUSA and CanadaAfter Murdering Floyd, Convicted Cop prepares to lose Wife

    After Murdering Floyd, Convicted Cop prepares to lose Wife

    Police officer, Derek Chauvin is the man in the eye of the storm following the recent murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day, 2020.

    He has been slammed with some criminal charges and he is expected to have his day in court in less than 24 hours.

    Many might be expecting his wife would stay with him and help him overcome these trying times when millions of Americans are calling for his head.

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    Alas, she has chosen a different route and she has some unpleasant surprise up her sleeves.

    WCCO-TV reported Friday night that hours sequel to Minneapolis officer, Chauvin, being charged with the murder of Floyd, his wife has announced she is filing for divorce from Chauvin.

    Chauvin, an Oakdale resident said her husband was such a softie and a perfect gentleman under the police uniform who usually opened the door for her as well as put her coat on.  She said, besides the murder of Floyd, Chauvin was still the kind of man she would love to be with.

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    Kellie Chauvin, who issued a statement posted on her legal adviser’s Sekula Law Office’s Facebook page said she was deeply hurt by the manner in which Floyd was murdered and that she has sent a condolence message to the family of the deceased.

    She also requested that her children from a previous marriage, her aged parents and her extended family be offered a special privacy and safety.

    Chauvin, who was profiled in the Pioneer Press in 2018, is a Laotian immigrant who emerged the premier winner of the Mrs. Minnesota award.

    She hinted to the Pioneer Press that she actually met Derek Chauvin when he brought in a suspect who needed medical attention to the Minneapolis hospital where she was working at the time.

    In a related development, CTV News reports that the couple had been married for a decade, but did not have children together. Although, Kellie Chauvin was blessed with two children from a previous marriage.

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    Floyd’s death is generating a lot of outrage and anger across the U.S, as protesting residents came out from the months-long pandemic stay-at-home order to protest against the murder of a black man in police custody police.

    According to a local review in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Chauvin competed to be Mrs. Minnesota in 2018.

    The Associated Press corroborates the news with the report that Kellie Chauvin does not have any child from her marriage to police officer Derek Chauvin.

    Derek Chauvin was picked and charged Friday in relation to Floyd’s death, which has prompted violent demonstrations that have assumed a violent dimension in numerous cities. Chauvin looks likely to be toying with both a 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter.

    Less than 24 hours after Chauvin and the three other officers were confirmed to be involved in the murder case, the four have been relieved of their duties since. The other three officers who watched the murder and did nothing to stop it have not been charged with any crimes yet.

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    Also, Fox News reports that the sad incident of Floyd’s murder happened on the same day the U.S was marking the 2020 Memorial Day. It was reported that during the arrest, Floyd resisted complaining he was claustrophobic. But Chauvin probably thought the complaint was trickery to evade arrest, ruffled Floyd down and knelt on the neck of the 46-year old for nearly nine minutes.

    Floyd was captured on video pleading that he could not breathe while three other officers stood by watching.

    The video has led to a growing number demonstrations in different cities across the country. In Minneapolis, rioters burned down a police station Thursday night and looters broke into some commercial enterprises to steal.

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    On Friday, violent protests between demonstrators and police were observed in Atlanta, New York City and Washington, D.C and New York City.

    The ongoing protests in the U.S have been violent prompting state governors like Tom Walz of Minnesota to deploy the National Guards.

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