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    A plane without front wheels avoids the crash and lands “smoothly”, no injuries to deplore

    All the passengers and crew of flight 1092 had to face a major contingency: the front wheels of the plane did not come out during the landing phase.

    Nose to the ground. A plane from the airline company Delta Airlines managed to land without its front landing gear, report several media including The Independent. According to the media, none of the passengers were injured in the incident. The latter also applauded the pilots and flight crew for this safe and “soft” landing.

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    Delta flight 1092, which left Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday morning at 7:25 a.m. local time and was bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, had two pilots, three flight attendants and 96 passengers on board. A person on board the device, interviewed by the local channel WSOC-TVsaid the crew advised passengers to prepare for impact during landing.

    “The crew told us there was a problem with the landing gear and asked us to review the safety information,” the passenger said.

    Pilots and crew greeted by passengers

    According to the latter, a first landing attempt was made by the pilots, but on approaching the runway the aircraft regained altitude. The second attempt will be the right one: the plane managed to land, nose swooping upwards until the aircraft stopped. “Everyone was evacuated by slides […] The crew and the pilots were wonderful!”, testified the passenger on board.

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    All persons on board the aircraft were evacuated and transported off the runway. The Delta company praised the exemplary behavior of the entire crew and assured that it will respond to the slightest requests from the passengers of the flight, whether it is to collect their luggage or to accompany them to their final destinations in complete safety.

    “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and our employees,” the airline said in a statement, while apologizing to its customers for the experience.

    Source: BFM TV

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