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    5 million bees escape from a truck in Canada, motorists must drive with their windows closed

    Five million bees were released for several hours this Wednesday after a road accident this Wednesday in eastern Canada.

    revenge of the bees from the movie Bee Movie? A truck carrying five million bees was involved in a road accident in Canada, not far from Toronto, in the east of the country. In addition to the police, beekeepers were called in as reinforcements, report our colleagues from Radio-Canada, because the millions of insects escaped from the vehicle.

    “We don’t know exactly how it happened or what exactly happened, but at some point the boxes containing bees or beehives slipped off the trailer and spilled onto the road,” said Ryan Anderson, a local police spokesman.

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    To prevent the five million bees on the run from attacking cars, the authorities have called on motorists to keep their windows closed.

    A similar accident in France in 2022

    According to Radio-Canada Ontario, a majority of the insects have returned to their hives. But tens of thousands of bees are still in the wild.

    “It is important that people understand that honey bees are quite gentle and that they do not disturb people unless they are disturbed”, reassures local media beekeeper Luc Peters.

    However, some beekeepers were stung when they arrived on site this Wednesday, authorities told the press. No other injuries appear to have been recorded.

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    A similar accident, of a smaller scale, took place in May 2022 in France. The village of Côtes-d’Arey, in Isère, was briefly invaded by bees after the accidental fall on Thursday of nine hives transported by a local beekeeper. Between 50 and 1,000 people were bitten and a 56-year-old woman had to be hospitalized.

    In Canada, the hives released by the accident this Wednesday are more numerous. “A bee colony can have 80,000 bees,” explains Luc Peters. Around sixty hives therefore fell from the truck.

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    Source: BFM TV

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