NewsUS, Japan and South Korea issue a warning about Pyongyang

    US, Japan and South Korea issue a warning about Pyongyang

    Nuclear negotiators from the three countries held a telephone conversation after Kim Jong-un described Seoul as “an obvious enemy” and called for making weapons to “frighten” the US and South Korea.

    The main negotiators on nuclear weapons from the US, Japan and South Korea (Sung Kim, Takehiro Funakoshi and Kim Gunn) held a telephone conversation this Sunday, Yonhap reports.

    The conversation took place after recent statements by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who described Seoul as “an obvious enemy” and ordered the manufacture of weapons in order to “frighten” the US and South Korea.

    Pyongyang tests its new multiple rocket launchers capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching all of South Korea

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    “The North’s statement about stimulating efforts to strengthen the so-called self-defense capabilities in response to steps to isolate it is illogical, and would pose a challenge to the international community and only worsen the situation,” the South Korean Foreign Ministry statement said after the talks.

    In addition, the three diplomats stressed that the “only” way for Pyongyang to alleviate the lives of North Korean citizens is to abandon “provocations” and return to dialogue. They also stressed that their countries are willing to negotiate with North Korea.

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    This Saturday and Sunday North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan.

    Source: RT

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