NewsUS diplomat sparks controversy for encouraging Afghan women to be inspired by...

    US diplomat sparks controversy for encouraging Afghan women to be inspired by an African-American digital movement

    Karen Decker posted several tweets in celebration of Black History Month that netizens called “inappropriate” and attributed to “typical American self-absorption.”

    The US representative in Afghanistan, Karen Deckerhas been strongly criticized for a series of publications that it made on the occasion of the celebration of Black History Month, which earned it the qualification of inappropriate by users, due to the complex political and social situation in which women live. people from the Central Asian country.

    In one of her tweets, the diplomat suggested that Afghan women could find inspiration in the digital movement #BlackGirlMagiccreated to celebrate the achievements of African-American women.

    “Are Afghans aware of #BlackGirlMagic and the movement that inspired it? Do Afghan girls need a similar movement? What about Afghan women?” she wrote. “Show me, ready to learn,” Decker added, tagging singers Beyonce and Lizzo and actress Regina King in her message.

    Taliban ban Afghan women from studying at universities

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    In another publication, the US representative highlighted the Day of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) over the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, the president who abolished slavery in the US.

    “Abe Lincoln was born on this day in 1809. He did a few things. It is also the day of the NAACP, the birthplace of grassroots activism, inclusive communities and making sure black voices are heard,” he wrote, asking the question: “What does this mean for Afghans fighting for be listened?”

    Likewise, the diplomat was questioned about another tweet in which she congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs on their victory in the Super Bowl, the championship of the National Football League, and asked the Afghans about the “most exciting” sports game they have seen.

    Afghan TV presenters cover their faces in solidarity with their female colleagues after the Taliban ban on showing their faces

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    The reactions to these comments were immediate. a netizen critical Decker for small talk, while “millions” of Afghans “suffer under a brutally repressive regime,” in which “basic rights are denied to women and girls”.

    another user crossed out the diplomat’s statements as “grotesquely inappropriate”, since, in her opinion, they are a reflection of the “typical American self-absorption.”

    “I personally believe that Afghans living under the authoritarian regime of the Taliban deserve a better representative of the United States. […] Maybe we need someone who is from Afghanistan and who know what it feels like to lose your human rights”, He suggested other.

    Faced with the wave of criticism, the diplomat deleted her messages and apologized. “Sometimes our best intentions fail, because we haven’t heard enough or we do not really understand the experience lived by others”, said. “My efforts to celebrate brave African Americans this month fall into that category. I apologize to anyone I may have offended or hurt,” she added.

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    Since they seized power in the country more than a year ago, the Taliban have broken numerous promises regarding respect for women’s rights, which they have systematically excluded from public life. In fact, most jobs are off-limits to women, who must wear Islamic dress in public, cannot attend gyms or parks, and have become excluded from secondary and higher education cycles.

    * The Taliban movement, designated a “terrorist organization” by the UN Security Council, is declared a terrorist group and banned in Russia.

    Source: RT

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