NewsUS 'concerned' over growing Russia-China cooperation

    US ‘concerned’ over growing Russia-China cooperation

    The military interaction between the two countries is putting pressure on the US government.

    The United States is concerned about the increasing improvement in relations between Beijing and Moscow, State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said at a news conference on Tuesday. The statement came just days after the US Navy deployed destroyers off the coast of Alaska in response to joint Russian-Chinese naval patrols in the Pacific.

    Raising the issue of the next summit between the United States, Japan and South Koreathe official responded in the negative to the question of whether this could harm Washington’s efforts to “reestablish channels of communication” with Beijing.

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    The spokesman said that the United States “does not seek conflict, confrontation or a new cold war,” noting that Washington is making constant efforts to “handling competition with China responsibly”.

    “We have been clear about the continued concerns about improving the relationship between the PRC and Russia, as well as the steps they have taken. So I don’t think these things are zero-sum. We can handle all these things well.” , Patel acknowledged when commenting on the recent joint military exercises between Russia and China in the Pacific.

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    However, he noted that the United States “has made it clear to the People’s Republic of China that provide lethal assistance to Russiaor provide you with the means to systematically evade our sanctions, would have serious consequences“.

    China has repeatedly stressed that it continues to hold purely commercial relationships with the Russian Federation. Trade between the two countries reached all-time highs last July.

    Source: RT

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