NewsUS announces another military aid package for Ukraine for $600 million

    US announces another military aid package for Ukraine for $600 million

    In addition to delivering to Kiev ammunition for HIMARS rocket systems and electronic warfare, demining and air defense integration equipment, the Pentagon plans to send depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine.

    The US Department of Defense announced this September 7 another military assistance package “to support Ukraine’s needs on the battlefield and demonstrate unwavering US support for Ukraine,” according to a statement published in the agency website.

    The new batch amounts to a total of 600 million dollars and includes:

    • equipment to sustain and integrate Ukraine’s air defense systems;
    • additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS);
    • 105mm artillery shells;
    • electronic warfare and counterwarfare equipment;
    • demolition munitions for removing obstacles;
    • mine clearance equipment;
    • support and equipment for training, maintenance and sustainment activities.
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    From the Department of Defense they specified that this new package of military aid to Kiev is provided within the framework of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), under which The US acquires capabilities from the industry or its partners or deliver equipment from Pentagon stocks. “This announcement represents the beginning of a procurement process to provide Ukraine with additional priority capabilities,” the statement said.

    Commenting on the announcement at a press conference, Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh reiterated that the US also intends to supply Ukraine depleted uranium shellswhat I would do at the time of delivery of the Abrams tanks, who could be in the Slavic country already in autumn. The spokesperson confirmed that the objective is to have the depleted uranium shells on Ukrainian territory “at the exact moment” when the tanks are already there.

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    Source: RT

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