NewsUK vows to be first country to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons

    UK vows to be first country to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons

    “Now is the time to redouble our military support,” declared the British prime minister.

    UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed that his country will be the first to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons. This was stated this Saturday during his speech in the framework of the 59th Munich Security Conference that is being held these days in Germany.

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    According to Sunak, to win the fighting, kyiv “needs more artillery, armored vehicles and anti-aircraft defense.” “So now is the time to redouble our military support“, he declared.

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    “Together we will deliver in the coming months as many pieces of equipment as in all of 2022“, assured the British prime minister, adding that London is working together with other Western allies to “equip Ukraine with the most advanced air defense systems and create the air force it needs.”

    “This is why the UK will be the first country to supply Ukraine with long range weapons“, Sunak asserted. In addition, he stressed that it is necessary to “train Ukrainian pilots to use the most advanced fighters”, and indicated that “that is exactly what his country is doing.”

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    From Moscow they have reiterated on numerous occasions that the weapons supplied to kyiv by other countries only escalate conflict in Ukraine.

    Source: RT

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