NewsTwo planes nearly collided on the runway while taking off from New...

    Two planes nearly collided on the runway while taking off from New York

    The US Federal Aviation Authority has opened an investigation to determine what went wrong and establish possible sanctions.

    Two planes that were preparing to take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (USA) were about to collide last Friday in an incident caused by a runway incursion.

    The incident occurred when a flight DL1943 of the airline Delta bound for Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) began its takeoff maneuver and another American Airlines plane crossed on the same runwaywhile preparing to start flight AA106 bound for London (United Kingdom).

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    The Delta Boeing 737 was cleared to take off on runway 04L, while the American Airlines Boeing 777 was cleared to cross runway 31L on taxiway K. However, it continued straight ahead, joining the taxiway taxiing J and crossed runway 04L, collects the Aviation Herald portal.

    When the tower became aware of the conflict, the airport air traffic controller quickly issued a urgent order to the pilots of the Delta plane, who managed to stop the aircraft and avoid the accident.

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    “Shit! Delta Airlines 1943 cancel takeoff clearance!” a controller is heard exclaiming, according to an audio posted by an aviation fan on Twitter.

    The aircraft returned to the apron, the passengers disembarked and its departure was rescheduled, arriving in Santo Domingo with a delay of more than 14 hours.

    Meanwhile, the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) It has opened an investigation with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to determine what went wrong and impose possible penalties.

    The FFA reported last Sunday that, according to a “preliminary analysis,” the Delta flight “has stopped its takeoff taxi approximately 300 meters before point” where the American Airlines aircraft was crossing from an adjacent taxiway.

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    Source: RT

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