NewsTwo fighting kangaroos crash into a store and scare the girls who...

    Two fighting kangaroos crash into a store and scare the girls who were sleeping inside (VIDEO)

    Two fighting kangaroos crash into a store and scare the girls who were sleeping inside (VIDEO)

    There were four girls in the shop, but none of them suffered any harm during the incident, which was recorded on video by one of the tourists.

    Two fighting kangaroos fell on top of a tent in which four girls were sleeping at a ‘campsite’ in the town of South West Rocks, in eastern Australia, reports The Canberra Times.

    The fight between the two animals, which lasted seven minutes, took place on January 14 at Trial Bay Gaol Camp and was videotaped by a tourist, Larry Whiteman, who was on his way to fish in the morning. The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the two kangaroos crashing into various garden furniture before heading down a hill towards the tents, at a time when most of the tourists were sleeping.

    Whiteman said that “as soon as [los canguros] They started hitting things people started sticking their heads out of the windows to see what was going onWhile fighting, the marsupials accidentally collided with a store, although that did not stop their scuffle. Four girls were in the store at the time, whose mother was outside watching the fight.

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    Seeing what happened, the girls’ mother wanted to run to the store but Whiteman stopped her. The man says: “I had to push her away because I knew that if she got between the two kangaroos one of them would hurt her.The girls were not injured, according to Whiteman, because the tent poles were carbon fiber, so “when the kangaroos hit the tent, it flexed and the poles stood up again.”

    A spokesman for the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service said staff went to the campsite to help after the incident and confirmed that no one was injured.

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    Source: RT

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