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    Two dead, six missing and 10,000 people isolated: the balance of the floods in Chile

    The floods in central-southern Chile have already left two people dead, six missing, 4,077 homeless, 2,054 sheltered, 9,814 isolated, as well as 54 homes destroyed, 895 with major damage and 2,502 with minor damage, according to the most recent report from the National Committee for Disaster Risk Management (COGRID).

    In addition, there have been disturbances in connectivity and power supply interruptions in the regions of Valparaiso and Los Rios.

    Since last Saturday June 24, the regions of Valparaiso, Metropolitana, O’Higgins, Maule, Nuble and Biobio and, to a lesser extent, La Aracaunia have been declared a disaster area.

    The Committee met on Sunday night at the offices of the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (SENAPRED), with the presence of the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Carolina Toha, and the National Director of SENAPRED, Alvaro Hormazabal.

    Toha reported that at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday the evacuation of the communities that live on the banks of the Maule Riverafter it suffered a flood, in the commune of Constitucion.

    The Early Warning system for cell phones is active in sectors of the Metropolitan, Valparaiso and O’Higgins regions, as well as Maule.

    The Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, went on Sunday to the El Molino sector of the Coltauco commune (O’Higinns), where from the top of a truck he conveyed a message to the inhabitants: “With the mayor we are of different political colors and that doesn’t matter, help has to reach everywhereso we are going to work with everyone, for you, for the people who have been affected,” he said.

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    “We are going to stand up, as Chileans always stand up,” added the president.

    current alerts

    The red alert is in force in the regions of Maule, Nuble, as well as in the provinces of Colchagua and Cachapoal, O’Higgins Region, due to adverse weather event; while in the Biobio region, and in the provinces of Los Andes and San Felipe, in the Valparaiso region, for overflow.

    For its part, in the province of Quillota, in the Valparaiso region, the alert is for overflow threat. In a good part of the communes in the Metropolitan region, the maximum care is for turbidity.

    Finally, the red alert is maintained for the communes of Pinto, El Carmen, San Ignacio, Pemuco, Bulnes, Coihueco, Chillan, Chillan Viejo, San Fabian, San Carlos, San Nicolas, Portezuelo, Niquen, Yungay, Quillon, Ranquil, Coelemu and Trehuaco, in the Nuble region, for spate; and in the commune of Coelemu, in the Nuble region, for flood.

    In addition, there are several yellow alerts established in four regions (Metropolitan, Biobio, Valparaiso, Maule and La Aracaunia) due to adverse meteorological events, alteration of the drinking water supply and threat of overflow.

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    The frontal system facing the country has already left an accumulated rainfall that reaches 161 liters per square meter in areas of Nuble; the 156 liters in Maule areas; 126 liters in parts of the Metropolitan Region and 112 liters in Biobio areas.

    The two deaths from the storm have been located in the Concepcion commune, in Biobio, and in the Penalolen commune, in the Metropolitan Region; while disappearances have been registered in Linares (5) and Talca, in Maule.

    The affectation of communication routes They are also numerous in the country. The most damaged region is Maulewhere there is at least 15 routes with cuts, among which are the 5, the CH-115, the K-16, the J-55, the M-50, the J-60 or the L-45. In addition, the border crossings of Los Libertadores, in Valparaiso, and Pehuenche and Vergara, in Maule, are closed.

    He electric power supply It has been affected in Valparaiso, Metropolitana, O’Higgins, Maule, Nuble and Biobio; while the drinking water service finds alterations in four regions.

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    In the Valparaiso region, 53,000 people are affected by the high turbidity and increased flow of the Maipo River in the communes of San Antonio, Cartagena, El Quisco, El Tabo and Algarrobo.

    In the Putaendo commune, on the other hand, 800 families are being served by tanker trucks for the distribution of drinking water arranged by municipal staff.

    In the six regions most affected by the intense rainfall, 127 enclosures as shelters45 of them in Nuble, with an estimated capacity for almost 29,000 people, which are equipped with mattresses, food rations and hygiene kits for men, women and children.

    Among the resources deployed in the affected areas, two Armed Forces aircraft remain available in the Valparaiso Region; in the Metropolitan Region another two; in O’Higgins three and one more in the Biobio Region.

    Regarding other resources, the Ministry of Public Works has deployed 70 crews and more than 200 units of machinery; while the firefighters maintain 60 vehicles in O’Higgins and Maule, including ladder trucks, trucks, vans, jet skis and Zodiac boats.

    Source: RT

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