NewsTrump: "We are headed for a great depression"

    Trump: “We are headed for a great depression”

    The former US president assured that since Biden took office, the country’s accumulated inflation has reached almost 20%, calling it “impossible” and something that “has never happened before.”

    Under the leadership of the US president, Joe Biden, a great depression awaits the North American country, declared this Friday the former US president, Donald Trump.

    During his speech in the state of South Dakota, Trump stated that since the current president took office, the country’s accumulated inflation has reached almost 20%, calling this fact “impossible” and something that “It had never happened before.”

    Trump doubts that Biden will reach the US presidential elections in 2024

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    He added that Biden had intended 11.5 trillion dollars in “waste”“The budget deficit is skyrocketing and will double this year,” he said.

    The fact is that we are probably headed for a great depression. […] The only question is whether it will happen in the remaining months of the Biden administration,” he said, emphasizing that if it happens, he will take over as president and will be able to solve the problem.

    • The Great Depression was a deep economic crisis that began in 1929 and lasted until approximately 1939. It was strongly felt in most corners of the planet, leaving numerous people and companies bankrupt.
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    Source: RT

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