NewsTransporters from provinces of the Ecuadorian Amazon begin indefinite strike with road...

    Transporters from provinces of the Ecuadorian Amazon begin indefinite strike with road cuts

    They warned the authorities that, if they are not listened to, they will stop the supply of oil.

    Transporters from the provinces of Sucumbios, Napo and Orellana, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, began an indefinite strike this Friday with road closures in various sectors of these entities.

    The union asks the government of Guillermo Lasso to declare a road emergency in this part of the country and demand the reconstruction of roadsincluding the Troncal Amazonica, and bridges that are in poor condition.

    The carriers have received the support of various organizations, communities, parish governments and other unions.

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    Tito Gonza, representative of the carriers of Sucumbios, said that the measure was adopted until “the Minister of Transportation arrives in the province to solve this road problem that has been going on for several years.”

    The Government of Orellana advertisement on Thursday that the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Cesar Rohon, promised to travel to the entity next Tuesday, July 11to address “directly and immediately” the road needs of the Amazon.


    The carriers warned the authorities that, if their requests are not heard and attended to, they will stop the supply of oil, since these three provinces concentrate a large part of the oil fields in the country.

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    If the government wants oil, let it give us worksif there is no oil, there is no oil for the government,” said a representative of the carriers, when offering a speech on the occasion of the stoppage.

    Queues at gas stations

    Before the transport strike began and given the uncertainty caused by the measure, there were long lines at some gas stations in the Amazon region.

    The governor of Sucumbios, Geovana Pozo, said, according to El Universo, that guarantee the supply of gasoline, diesel and gas in the entity.

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    Previously, last Wednesday, the Government of Sucumbios reported that, after a meeting between the authorities of the Amazonian provinces and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the placement of the bridges for road connectivity in the entity was agreed.

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    Source: RT

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