Newsthree dead and five wounded

    three dead and five wounded

    It hpened during a motorcycle event in Red River, state of New Mexico. According to the first versions, the violence would have been unleashed by a fight between gangs.

    Three people died and five were injured in a shootout between members of two gangs who had attended a concentration of motorcyclists in Red Riverin the state of New Mexico, United States, the local authorities reported this Sunday.

    The New Mexico State Police said that the three deceased were members of the gangs in conflictcalls Bandits and Water Dogslike several of the wounded.

    One of them, Jacob David Castillo, 30, who is hospitalized, was charged with an open charge of murder and when you are discharged he will go straight to prison.

    In addition, there are two other people arrested: one of them for a charge of cocaine possession unrelated to the shooting and another for illegal possession of weons in a place of sale of alcohol.

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    The state police identified the deceased as Anthony Silva26 years old; Randy Sanchez, 46; and Damian Breaux, the same age; all of them residents of New Mexico.

    Two died at the scene of the shooting yeThe third in the hospital to which he was transferred on the night of this Saturday.

    He annual rally Red River Memorial Motorcycle Show, which has been held since 41 years ago on the long weekend of Memorial Day (the last Monday in May, an American holiday), gather thousands of bikers in that mountain city of about 500 inhabitants.

    “There will be zero tolerance from this point on during Memorial Weekend,” State Police Chief Tim Johnson warned at a news conference to update information on the shooting.

    Extreme measures to restore order after the shooting in New Mexico

    The authorities, late, came out to address the problem that unleashed the shooting with strong statements. “Anyone with warrants for their arrest or anyone who can be arrested will be arrested. Traffic violations, reckless crossing. We are going to stop and talk to everyone if they violate any law, traffic or criminal,” said Johnson, who announced that they are going to be strict in the controls.

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    “This is not going to hpen again this weekend because we are not going to allow it,” he said when announcing that there will be police reinforcements in the streets and a special patrol.

    Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun imposed a curfew night after the shooting, which occurred in the afternoon and in the circumstances of the alleged fight between gangs.

    The case remains under investigation by the New Mexico State Police Investigative Office, which has asked anyone who witnessed what hpened or recorded footage to contact detectives.

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    According to witnesses told channel KOB 4, after the shooting the Police closed all the bars and restaurants on the main street of Red River and numerous first aid and police vehicles began to arrive in the area.

    One of the wounded was carried by air to a hospital in Denver, in the neighboring state of Colorado. Others were taken to Albuquerque hospitals.

    According to the State Police, the New Mexico hospitals where the injured are admitted have been equipped with a security reinforcement, without specifying the reasons.

    “What hpened is very tragic, but the police performance has been incredible. The first officer of the State Police was there in 30 seconds,” said Mayor Calhoun, to defend the actions of the forces.


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