NewsThree Colombian soldiers were kidnapped by FARC dissidents

    Three Colombian soldiers were kidnapped by FARC dissidents

    The soldiers were dressed as civilians, in a public service van, when they were intercepted.

    Three Colombian soldiers were kidnapped on Sunday by dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the department of Cauca, in the southwest of the country, the Army officially reported.

    The soldiers were intercepted at a time when they were traveling in a private vehicle and without uniforms.

    “We reject and denounce the kidnapping of our soldiers Carlos Mejia Ocoro, Cristian Murillo Murillo and Jose Epiayu Urania, who were mobilizing defenselessly along the Pan-American Highway, Cauca. We demand respect for life and its immediate release“, the military forces stated on Twitter.

    The soldiers were captured at an illegal checkpoint that the subversives set up near the village of El Hoyo.

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    “We verified that the dissidents later seized their cell phones and, after entering them, They verified that they were members of the Army.”pointed out the comrades of the military, according to what was published by the newspaper El Colombiano.

    The general command deployed search operations in the area to try to rescue the retained troops.

    At the moment there are four uniformed men who have been captured by the FARC dissidents. On January 11, Juan Gabriel Chichanoi Miramag was kidnapped when he was on a public transport bus bound for the city of Pasto, Narino.

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    Source: RT

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