NewsThousands of retirees protest in China over health insurance cuts (VIDEOS)

    Thousands of retirees protest in China over health insurance cuts (VIDEOS)

    The reforms come at a time when the finances of local governments are beginning to be affected after the application of strict ‘zero covid’ policies.

    Massive demonstrations took place on Wednesday in the Chinese cities of Wuhan and Dalian, where thousands of people, many of them retirees, protest cuts in public health insurance, Reuters reports.

    Protesters reject local reforms, including the recent cut in the monthly allowance for personal medical benefits for retirees. The changes, phased in from 2021, come as local government finances begin to be affected by enforcement of strict policies of ‘zero covid’.

    Protests for the same reason also took place last week. During the act on Wednesday, the demonstrators sang songs such as ‘La Internacional’, popular in protests of the country and anthem of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

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    No disturbances or clashes with the Police were reported, although there were there were moments of tension due to shoving between protesters and security forces.

    This money is very littlebut it saves the lives of the elderly,” a Wuhan resident commented. “people are not very richso every little bit of money is hugely important,” he added.

    Source: RT

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