NewsThey predict that a 'cannibalistic' solar mass ejection will hit the Earth...

    They predict that a ‘cannibalistic’ solar mass ejection will hit the Earth this Tuesday

    The impact of this phenomenon against our planet could cause geomagnetic storms of intensity G1 to G2.

    A ‘cannibalistic’ solar coronal mass ejection (CME) will impact Earth this Tuesday, according to a predictive model developed by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reports Spaceweather .com.

    The portal indicates that a CME occurred on July 14 that was followed by another faster coronal mass ejection a day later. In this sense, they detail that the NOAA model calculates that the second CME will “sweep” the first, thus forming a ‘cannibalistic’ CME that will reach our planet in the next few hours, whose impact could cause geomagnetic storms of intensity G1 to G2.

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    As they are?

    A "dangerous" sunspot ejects a powerful X-class flare towards Earth

    EMCs are large, fast-moving clouds of magnetized plasma and solar radiation, which are occasionally blasted into space along with solar flares; that is, powerful explosions on the Sun’s surface that are triggered when horseshoe-shaped loops of plasma near sunspots snap in half like a rubber band when stretched too far.

    If they hit Earth, they can cause geomagnetic storms. able of causing partial radio blackouts and to produce visualizations of vibrant auroras much further than normal from Earth’s magnetic poles.

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    ‘Cannibalistic’ CMEs are rare, because they require successive CMEs that are perfectly aligned and travel at specific speeds. However, several have been registered in recent years, for example, in November 2021.

    Source: RT

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