NewsThey place an electronic anklet on a religious leader of the canonical...

    They place an electronic anklet on a religious leader of the canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine

    Metropolitan Feodosi denounced that it is a “political” case against him and that he is also “a link in the attack” directed at the canonical branch.

    The Ukrainian authorities continue to exert pressure against the Canonical Orthodox Church (UPTs, for its acronym in Russian), which resulted this Thursday in the placement of an electronic anklet on Metropolitan Feodosi, of the diocese of the province of Cherkasy, as part of the 60-day house arrest for religious leader issued by a court the day before.

    The restrictions were argued on the basis of statements by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) which on April 6 accused Feodosi of “justifying, denying and glorifying Russian aggression.”

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    From the agency they pointed out that in 2020 the priest ordered the creation of a web page in which it was later broadcast “destructive content of the pro-Kremlin” associated with the Moscow Patriarchate.

    For his part, Feodosi denounced on Wednesday in the judicial hearing that it is about a “political” process against him and that he is also “a link in the attack against the UPTs”.

    • The tensions around the UPTs, whose discrimination was corroborated by the UN itself, focus on the attempt by the government of President Vladimir Zelenski to evict to the monks of the kyiv Monastery of the Caves. The religious of the legendary convent, founded in the 11th century, they persist in their refusal to leave the place until there is a judicial decision that revalidates the unilateral breach of the lease contract by the Ministry of Culture.
    • In recent days, the struggle for the Monasterio de las Cuevas has remained in the background, while the violent takeovers of the UPTs churches by supporters of the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church (PTsU). The last episode of this nature took place on Monday in the city of Jmelnitsky, they denounced this Tuesday from the UPTs. After the assault, which was carried out by “unidentified people dressed mainly in sports uniforms”, the decision was made to transfer the temple to the PTsU.
    • These episodes are part of the pressure campaign launched by kyiv since last autumn, with records, church shots and accusations of alleged pro-Russian activity.
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    Source: RT

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