NewsThey launch an operation in Mexico to prevent the concert of a...

    They launch an operation in Mexico to prevent the concert of a neo-Nazi metal band

    The decision to prevent the presentation of the Greek group Der Sturmer this Friday in Guadalajara came after anti-fascist groups expressed their rejection of the call.

    Authorities in the Mexican city of Guadalajara have prevented a performance by the Greek metal band Der Sturmer, whose songs address issues such as nationalism, war, anti-Semitism and racism, local media reported.

    After advertising circulated on social networks about a festival that would take place on Friday, January 13, and whose headliner would be Der Sturmer, anti-fascist collectives expressed on Thursday their rejection of the call and asked that it be cancelled.

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    The situation was known to the Government of Guadalajara, which reported the day after that he had denied permission to carry it out “in unrestricted respect for the promotion and guarantee of human rights.” “The Guadalajara city council has not granted nor will it grant any permission to hold a concert of this type,” reiterated the mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus Navarro.

    Although the publicity for the concert did not specify a location or address, the mayor assured that intelligence units had detected two possible locations and deployed a closure operation.

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    On Friday, 32 supervisions were carried out in spaces in the city considered potential meeting places, such as bars, cultural centers, galleries and forums. As a result, the Inspection and Surveillance Directorate confirmed on Saturday that it was not aware that Der Sturmer’s presentation “has taken place”.

    The band had a presentation announced in Mexico City this Saturday, whose place and address were public knowledge. However, from the location they issued a statement ensuring that there was no scheduled event of a political, neo-Nazi or fascist nature. It is presumed that the event organizers chose to change the venue in advance.

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    Formed in 1998, Der Sturmer takes its name from a German tabloid published between 1923 and 1945 that primarily reported Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda. Its members are active members of the neo-Nazi scene in Greece, and their song lyrics promote hate speech and white supremacy, as well as radical nationalism.

    Source: RT

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