NewsThey investigate a mayor who proposed the castration of girls in a...

    They investigate a mayor who proposed the castration of girls in a city in Brazil

    Mario Esteves, mayor from the city of Barra do Piraiin the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was inaugurating a route when he decided to speak in his speech about birth and population control. The official pointed out that where he governs “what is not lacking are children” and concluded with a phrase that ignited controversy. “We have to start castrate those girls“, he said and that postulate now takes him to court.

    In response, the state Public Ministry opened an investigation this Monday against the mayor, who tried to partially reverse himself through social networks and will have to give explanations in court.

    “What is not lacking in Barra do Pirai are children. (…) We must begin to castrate those girls. Control the population. It’s a lot of son, brother. The maximum is two,” stated Esteves in his speech at the work.

    During his speech, Esteves also maintained that impose by law a maximum of two children per family, because “it is a lot of responsibility to bring a child into the world.

    “That does not downplay the importance of the issue. “What should come into play was family planning,” he wrote, trying to maintain his focus on population growth. The defensive strategy did not seem to work for him.

    In order to defend himself, the Brazilian mayor added a message on Facebook: “This is the issue that should make the headlines, and not the exchange in technical terms. Unfortunately, today, any misplaced word can become barbarism in the hands of people with bad intentions,” he said.

    Mario Esteves, the mayor of Barra do Pirai, in Brazil, who proposed castrating girls to slow population growth.

    What will Justice do with the mayor who asked to castrate girls?

    According to the Public Ministry, an investigation will be made if there were excesses by the mayor in his speech and possible responsibilities will be evaluated.

    Likewise, he gave him a period of ten days to clarify the tenor of his words.

    “Must be keep record What population control measures were effectively implemented during his government, especially the number of tubal ligation and vasectomy surgeriesthe criteria for the proval of said surgeries, as well as the distribution of condoms and other contraceptive methods in the municipal health network,” says the statement from the Public Ministry announcing the opening of the judicial case against Esteves.

    Source: Clarin

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