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    “They have more belly than me”: Guayaquil agents begin to exercise after criticism from the mayor

    The uniformed personnel will undergo physical and medical evaluations.

    Sedentary lifestyle is over. The more than 700 municipal security agents of the city of Guayaquil, in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas, began physical training this Tuesday, after the city’s mayor, Aquiles Alvarez, criticized them.

    The Mayor’s Office of Guayaquil published a video, on its X account, in which the agents are seen training, doing jogging routines, push-ups and even exercises with dogs.

    “Sport is self-discipline and what better way than for our own agents to begin to generate and gain discipline, based on that be able to contribute to the city and meet its objectives,” said Andres Sandoval, general manager of the Municipal Public Company for Risk Management and Security Control of Guayaquil (Segura EP), who assumed leadership of the Corps of Metropolitan Control Agents (Cuacme) on December 1. September.

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    On Monday, after the transfer of the agents to Segura EP was made official, Sandoval said that they would begin with physical and medical evaluations of the uniformed officers, led by the Municipal Health Directorate.

    On August 30, during a radio interview, Alvarez referred to these municipal agents and criticized their physical condition, something that would prevent them from carrying out their work efficiently.

    “The metropolitans have a bigger belly than me. So they are walking, wandering around the center, playing on their cell phones and chatting. That is the reality, eating belly and they are not taking care“, he expressed.

    The mayor clarified that he was not referring to all those in uniform. “This criticism does not apply to everyone because there is a large percentage, the majority, who It is a great staff within the Metropolitan Police“, he stated.

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    The issue of security in Ecuador is currently recurring among citizens, since the country is going through a crisis of violence. A state of emergency is in force throughout the territory, which was decreed by the president, Guillermo Lasso, on August 10 for a period of 60 days.

    Source: RT

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